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Tenugui mumbling Vol.45 – Hyottoko photos from Japan

Hyottoko&Okame, and Shichifukujin by TETSU

Hyottoko&Okame, and Shichifukujin by TETSU

I was Google-ing about “Hyottoko” and I found a great blog from Japan. TETSU takes many amazing photos, and shares his great works on his blog. The colors are so vivid and fresh, and also have a warm feeling in all of his photos. I can feel the breeze and breath from his compositions.
So, as soon as I found his photos, I contacted him, and Guess What?
We’ll start a new collaboration of photos and Tenugui from now on!

This is our first collaboration “the beauty is in that difference” No.01 – Hyottoko

Hyottoko dance by TETSU

Hyottoko dance by TETSU

Hyottoko is a Japanese unique male character known among the Japanese for more than 900-years. It features a male dancer blowing fire from a bamboo tube, creating a funny faced, comical character. Tetsu took these photos one summer at the festival in Nigata. They performed ,Hyottoko & Okame dance, and also Shichifukujin (Senven Luck God) in their festival. The dancers wore Hyottoko & Okame masks, and use mame-shibori Tenugui as head covers. Tenugui are always a part of our culture for many decades.

Thank you Tetsu-san for sharing your beautiful photos with us!
And… Dear wuhao friends, sending you “the beauty is in that difference”, a part of Japan for you today!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

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