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Tenugui Mumbling Vol.140 – Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
Happy New Year, Tenugui Fans!

Happy New Year, Tenugui Fans!

Happy New Year, Tenugui Fans!!!!

I am so excited for Welcome Year 2015, so I was celebrated New Year with my dear Kimono friends at Fabio Cucina in my special Kimono.

You may know which one is me? I am on right in yellow Kimono. My Kimono is my mother’s, and my obi (belt) is my grandma’s. And then, I love using Tenugui as a Kimono collar, can you see my yellow Kanoko tenugui around my kimono neck? Here you go, Three generation Kimono coordinate!

Wish you all the best of 2015, and let’s enjoy wonderful year and Tenugui with me this year also!

…. to be continued.

Valentine kiss

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.89 – A Peace of Cloth – Quilting Arts

Monday, April 11th, 2011


Title "Japanese Rhapsody in Blue" completed in June 2009

My happiest time is reading messages from Tenugui fans everyday. Sometime I receive letters, e-mail, and photos.
I always smile myself,?and imagine their smiling faces with their?tenugui. Some tenugui fans are martial arts practitioners, Kendo players, cancer patients, and some of them are artists,?musicians, sushi chefs…??and also quilting artists.
I am so happy to know that many people love?tenugui in many different ways, that’s exactly what I like to see. Tenugui has limitless possibilities, and no boundaries.

Elisabeth-san?is an amazing quilting artist, and also a member of the Japan Quilting Group in Australia?. She visited Japan a few years ago for her quilting tour, and fell in love with Japan and Japanese traditional textile, especially indigo cottons (aizome). I can see her love of Japan from her compositions.

The first quilt is called “Japanese Rhapsody in Blue”, it was completed in June 2009. This quilt is machine-pieced and hand-quilted.

Title "Noshi Matters" completed in Jan 2011

Title is Noshi Matters, completed in January 2011

The second quilt is called “Noshi Matters”, and was completed in early January, 2011. Noshi is a bow, and is used during very special Japanese traditional occasions. Machine-pieced and hand-quilted, the size is 36 by 63 inches.

Title is My Japanese Journey - her new composition

Title is My Japanese Journey - her new composition

Kimono, Japanese houses, and flowers... so beautiful together

Kimono, Japanese houses, and flowers... so beautiful together

The last composition is called “My Japanese Journey”, machine-pieced and hand-appliqued, with sashiko, and she is working on hand-quilting now. The size is 58 by 73 inches. I can see her beautiful memory of Japan trip on her quilt.

A Peace of cloth…. that I felt from her compositions. A precious fabric was sewed and linked together, and she put a life into her quilts.? I think Quilting Arts are just like a magic!

Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful quilts and your love of Japan with us. The beauty of Japan will stay forever in your blue peace of cloth….


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.85 – Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) “a Hint of Spring”

Saturday, February 26th, 2011


My Hina-Ningyo.. 45-years old!

March 3rd is Hina-matsuri (Doll’s festival) in Japan. This is the day to celebrate young girls growing up and being happy. There is also Tango-no-sekku, or Kodomo-no-hi (Children’s day) in May to celebrate boys.

The photo of Hina-ningyo (Dolls) was made by my Aunt Yachiyo when I was born. They have been traveling many cities and many countries with me. I guess they would be eligible for tons of mileage.
Originally from Osaka Japan,? we moved to Yokohama first… and then to?Beijing, Dalian, and Shanghai, China… and then on the boat to Texas… and on the road to New York. Hope they like New York as much as I do now!

Life is very interesting, you never know what will come to you next. Sometimes people are afraid to change,?their location, school, work, partner, and life in general. Whatever it is, open your heart, open your eyes, and listen to your inner whispering… it will bring new possibilities to your life.


Kimono de Jazz at the Kitano

Kimono de Jazz at the Kitano

?We had an event “Kimono de Jazz” at the Kitano?last month. I used my yellow komon Tenugui as a kimono collar, and combined it with the cherry petal Kimono that came from my mother. She said that she wore it for her college ceremony… over fifty years ago!!!! The elegance of Japan has carried over to the next generation… and with our own style!
I love both tradition and change! How about you, Tenugui fans?

Sending you a hint of Spring along with Hina-ningyo and Three Kimono beauties!!!


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.51 – The beauty is in that difference No.04 Grace of Tenugui

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
Tenugui is a tool for Japanese Traditional Dance. - photo by TETSU

Tenugui is a tool for Japanese Traditional Dance. - photo by TETSU

The colors of tenugui and a Geisha dancer... beauty of Japan - photo by TETSU

The colors of tenugui and a Geisha dancer... beauty of Japan - photo by TETSU

Tenugui is a one of the tools for Japanese Traditional Dance.?TETSU is a Japanese photographer, and took these photos when he visited a small town in Nigata, Japan. A beautiful Geisha Dancer and flowing Tenugui?make? stunning harmony together…

Sending you a bit of Grace of Japan and Tenugui… hope they will add some colors into your day, today.

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.29 – Tenugui ideas by wuhao friend – Treasure box

Saturday, March 14th, 2009
Tenugui treasure box by Masayo-san
Tenugui treasure box by Masayo-san
put sweet memories into your treasure box

Let's put sweet memories into your treasure box

I always enjoy hearing from our wuhao friend. I met Masayo-san last month at the Kimono event. We had a chance to share a cab after the event. We simply introduced each other and enjoyed the night ride in Manhattan. We talked about many things… the performance we saw, living in NY, girl’s things… and also about tenugui.
Tenugui is very popular in Japan, so most families always have tenugui around them… in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or even in their handbags. Tenugui are always around… just like the love of a famiy.
Masayo-san told me that she made a treasure box with her old tenugui. These photos are of her treasure box. She put new life and style into her old tenugui… just so amazing how she made it!
Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful tenugui box with us. Masayo-san is a graphic designer in NY and you can see her works at the site www.abombinabull.com .

I have a treasure box in my home. Much love and memories are in my box. Photos, birthday candles and cards, new year’s tiara, rose petals, easter bunny, notes from my love, and my favorite tenugui … and many more treasures will come to my box!!!

Do you have a treasure box?
I think you do… special treasures that warm your heart…

- to be continued…

From: Ruri


Tenugui mumbling vol.26 – Smile from New York – Japan Art Matsuri, Kimono de Night and Presidential inauguration 2009

Friday, January 23rd, 2009
Japan Art Matsuri 2008 at Greenpoint Brooklyn

Japan Art Matsuri 2008 at the Polish & Slavic Center Greenpoint Brooklyn photo by Motoyuki Ishibashi

We joined Japan Art Matsuri 2008 (JAM2008) last November in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. JAM is an annual Japanese contemporary festival that is organized by Faune Dance Trope, who were celebrating 6th season. Many talented Japanese performers such as musicians, dancers, and artists who live in New York get together and share their amazing performances. This was our first show with JAM and we are so proud of ourselves to be their Tenugui vendor. I surely enjoyed showing our Tenugui Art and watching such energetic performances with an audience. It was the most remarkable Japanese festival for talented young artists in New York.
I would like to thank very much the Faune Dance Trope and JAM supporters that gave us a great opportunity. And many thanks to all the performers and the audience for sharing your great spirit with us… and bringing me a big smile!

kimono de night at tango

kimono de Night at NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts

Kimono de Night is a monthly event that is organized by Feather Stone LLC ( Kumi Haneishi/President ). Most of the event members are Ms. Haneishi’s students and have taken lessons “HOW TO WEAR KIMONO YOURSELF”. Kimono is part of Japan’s great culture, that has many traditional values as well as complicated rules. It sounds silly but most of my generation can’t wear Kimono by ourselves even though we grew up in Japan. That was true for myself until I met Kumi-sensei.
She creates these events for the Kimono Lovers in New York to enjoy the Art of Kimono and also to encourage them to wear it themselves. So, we get together once a month with our beautiful Kimonos and have dinner or go to see performances like Opera, Dance, or even a comedy show. I always enjoy her events with my kimono, that has been handed down in my family that have many memories and stories. For instance, my mother wore it when she visited her future mother-in-law (my grandma) the first time, my aunt wore it when she came to see new born baby (me), and my grandmother wore it when she attended the ceremony of my grandfather’s receiving emperor’s medal… all Kimono are so special for me. And see! I use my Tenugui on my Kimono collar and enjoy my own style now. I am sure my Kimono is smiling the same as I do… and Yes, here in New York!

My dearest Kumi-sensei and Me! <br>I use my Tenugui on my Kimono collar as a new style.

My dearest Kumi-sensei and Me! I use my Tenugui on my Kimono collar as a new style.

January 20, 2009… It was a moment of history in the United State. I don’t like to watch too much TV, because it is too much information to me and also so negative. But I watched all day during inauguration and saw big shinny smile on all of America’s face. We all have many difficult problems and bad days in the midst of crisis. But I do believe that each of our SMILES will help us bring HOPE to pursue the new coming days…

- to be continue…

From: Ruri