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Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 155 – Your Own Design Custom Pin

Friday, July 1st, 2016
Sumo Wrestler Pin by wuhaao

Sumo Wrestler Pin by wuhaao

We have started making a custom pin and a charm now! We’ll work with you from design to production, all one place :-)
These two Sumo Wrestler Pin are made by us, translate design from Japanese famous calligrapher artist Kiyo Ibaragi (US-NY Art Promotion), and specially made for new hip Sumo event, Sumo Stew @ The Brooklyn Brewery.

Minimum order is 100 pcs, and taking about 40-days in your hands.
Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested to making your own design pin with us :-)
(email) info@wuhaonyc.com
(phone) +1 212 231 8126

US flag tenugui and Sumo Wrestler pin are making beautiful harmony together.
Happy 4th of July, Tenugui Fans!!!!!

- to be continued….
Flag Wave

From Ruri

Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 122 – Sending you a hing of Autumn

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013
A free gift for your new coming season :-)

A free gift for your new coming season :-)

Hope you had a wonderful summer 2013! Back to School and Back to Work… and soon Autumn is coming. This is our THANK YOU for your love of Tenugui, first 10-customers order online over $50 total, will receive a free Autumn Leave Tenugui Handkerchief. This little hanky was made with 100% cotton double gauze, very soft but also durable, nice to have one in your bag always. Hurry up and get one for coming new season!

Sending you a hint of Autumn from us…. Welcome Fall with Tenugui!

- to be continued…

Hurry Up

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.120 – Tenugui Pocket for you!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013
A small pocket bag for your keys, cell phone, or anything else

A small pocket bag for your keys, cell phone, or anything else

Finally Summer came to the Big Apple! So nice to walking around the city without a big coat.

We have a small surprise for Tenugui Fans today!
First 25-customers online can receive Tenugui Pocket for free now. You can put your keys, i-phone, cosmetics or anything else. We have Hanabi (fireworks) design, and Asagao (Morning Glory) design, let us choose the design for you!

Only first 25-customers, please hurry up and get your Tenugui Pocket!
The campaign will be ended after received the 25th order online without notice.

Have a wonderful summer with your Tenugui \(*v*)/

- to be continued…

Smiley Sunglasses

From: Ruri


Tenugui Mumbling Vol.118 – Cute Tenugui Headwrap :-)

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013


Found cutest Tenugui Headwrap on Youtube :-)
Title – Introducing Cute Tenugui Wrap by Chiko, Manager of Uniwa

As you know, Tenugui can be used many different ways, more than you can imagine, and has unlimited possibilities to use Tenugui.
Chiko-san was added one folding before wrapping around her head, then making beautiful style with her Tenugui!
I think this is the cutest Tenugui head cover so far, I have been seen. One simple fold making a big style accent, totally amazing!

Enjoy her stylish Tenugui Hairband and her beautiful smile :-)
Thank you very much sharing your Tenugui Smile with us!

- to be continued…
Thank You
From Ruri

Tenugui Mumbling Vol.116 – Tenugui on DailyCandy!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Please click the link here to view the video \(*v*)/

We LOVE DailyCandy! Their site has a tons of interesting posts and information everyday, I can’t stop to peek their site all day every day!
And, Tenugui Fans!!!!!  Big Surprise for you!!!!! One of our Tenugui ASAGOHAN TENUGUI was featured SuChin Pak’s Currently Coverting video post.

Suchin and her beautiful 10-month son are wearing Tenugui in Suchin Style. I love the way she was using Tenugui!
Thank you very much Suchin to introducing Tenugui on your post.

LOVE LOVE Tenugui and DailyCandy :-)

- to be continued…

 Sign I Love You

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.100 – TENUGUI MAGIC Vol.07 How to wear Tenugui Misanga

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

TENUGUI MAGIC Vol.07 – How to wear Tenugui Misanga from Ruri Kippenbrock (wuhaonyc) on Vimeo.

TENUGUI MAGIC debut at wuhaonyc. com. Our first TENUGUI MAGIC project #01 is Tenugui Misanga. Showing you some ideas of how to wear Tenugui Misanga, enjoy \(*v*)/


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.99 – TENUGUI MAGIC

Sunday, July 31st, 2011
odds and ends tenugui cloth, buttons, and Masaki yarn... my TENUGUI MAGIC WORLD

odds and ends tenugui cloth, buttons, and Masaki yarn... my TENUGUI MAGIC WORLD

It has been in my thoughts since I had started my own Tenugui business in 2007, and finally It has arrived…? YES, it’s TENUGUI MAGIC!

I made a few movies showing you how to use Tenugui, and I called?them TENUGUI MAGIC. This 100% cotton rectangular cloth has many more possibilities than imaginable. It’s one of my dreams to create my own tenugui styles, and bring simple pleasures to you through this simple cotton cloth.

I always think about tenugui craftsman?in Japan when I hold tenugui?in my hand. Tenugui is created using the same method since the mid 1800′s, and is still made mostly by hand.? Washi paper stencil, molding, dyeing, washing and drying, and cutting each piece of Tenugui. I feel the tenugui spirit that has been carried along many decades of Japanese history.

TENUGUI MAGIC?is my own brand to provide new tenugui goods, and also, to?introduce you to the usability of Tenugui.? “Mottainai”?means don’t waste, and TENUGUI MAGIC was created along with Japanese economic philosophy, using odds and ends of Tenugui cloth or used tenugui (along with all the memories) reconstructed in various styles, and giving new life to a piece of cloth.
We will remake your favorite old tenugui?into a one of a kind accessory, bag, cover, box, or any other item.

“Reconstruct”, “Remake” and “Respect”….
I would like to express my appreciation to Japanese tradition and artisans.

My plan is to create a new sytle each month. Many more new styles are on the way, so please stay tuned?to TENUGUI MAGIC!

Kitty 2

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.98 – TENUGUI MISANGA

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Tenugui was cut to each piece by hands.

Heat Wave arrive in New York City…. hope you are doing well.

Finally, after a long time, of thinking and planning, I am introducing TENUGUI MAGIC!
Tenugui is multi functional, with so many possibilities to use, and change style. I have had so many ideas and projects in mind?for a long time, and finally one idea came true….. TENUGUI MISANGA DEBUT!

Tenugui?is still made mostly by hand. My favorite Chusen Dye has used the same method for hundreds of years. Washi paper stencil, molding, pasting, dyeing… all process is made by hand, and also cutting tenugui to each piece (photo above).
When we cut tenugui, there is always some excess of cloth. I was wondering what I could make? from these odds and ends of cloth? I just wanted to give new life to these little pieces of Tenugui….



Here you go!!!!! I braide them to a bracelet… called TENUGUI MISANGA! Hundreds of colors of tenugui pieces, my imagination is getting bigger and bigger.? My little office has changed to a Misanga workshop now :-)

Three styles with tons of colors - All One of kinds!

Three styles with tons of colors - All One of kinds!


limitless of color combination - colors, colors, and colors!

limitless of color combination - colors, colors, and colors!

I can’t wait to see the response from Tenugui fans… Tenugui Misanga will debut at the Japan Block Fair, Japanese Street Festival this coming Sunday!
Available online from August, so please look forward to see my TENUGUI MAGIC very soon!

The Japan Block Fair @ Astoria, Queens
Date:? July 24th (Sunday)? 11am – 6pm
Place: Broadway at Steinway, Astroia, Queens

3D Prom Queen

- to be continued….

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.97 – TENUGUI MAGIC Vol.06 summertime

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

TENUGUI MAGIC Vol.06 – summertime from Ruri Kippenbrock (wuhaonyc) on Vimeo.

Sending you a short movie of summer tenugui! You’ll see how to use Tenugui, and new tenugui products Tenugui uchiwa (fan) and Tenugui manegi (welcome sign) in the movie.
I had a really great time to shoot this movie by myself in the summer afternoon!

Happy 4th of July and Happy Summer with Tenugui \(*v*)/

Happy Hat

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.75 – Congratulations! Wedding Tenugui

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Japanese Traditional Colors - 39 tenugui sample colors

Japanese Traditional Colors - 39 tenugui sample colors

Great news to Tenugui Fans!

We just started our new personalized Tenugui service. You can choose tenugui design on our site, and we can print them in your favorite colors from 100pcs of order.? You may also add your special date, a short message, or even your own Logo on it.? It make perfect gift for wedding, new born baby, Christmas, Birthday, Family Union, Anniversary, Retirement gift, or even corporate gift, and any occasion that’s worth celebrating!
We?recommend to use simple design like our Komon Tenugui or any others, and you can pick your own colors. We’ll print as much as close to your favorite color in Japanese Traditional Tenugui colors.
If you are interested in making your personalized tenugui, or have any questions, please send us e-mail at;

Conglaturations! Wedding Tenugui~~~

Congratulations! Wedding Tenugui~~~

The photo above is our KIKU TENUGUI, printed in Japanese Traditional Red for a new married couple, and printed their wedding date on the corner of Tenugui. Red and Pure White are Japanese traditional wedding colors, and also use this color for many ceremonies. They put their “Thank You” note in each of Tenugui, and wrapped with a cute stickers that their name on it. Sharing special day with your own Tenugui… It’s just so beautiful!


- to be continued…

From: Ruri