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Tenugui mumbling Vol.124 – Autumn in New York

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Autumn in New York… the most favorite season in the year!
Enjoyed Autumn leave and breeze with my mame-shibori Tenugui at the Central Park last week.

Central Park

Central Park

Peaceful Afternoon....

Peaceful Afternoon….

Welcome Holiday season with Red Berries

Welcome Holiday season with Red Berries

My favorite place

My favorite place

Love my Tenugui cup warmer...

Love my Tenugui cup warmer…

Sending you a little Autumn to Tenugui Fans :-)

- to be continued….

Turkey Feathers

From: Ruri





Tenugui mumbling Vol.44 – Tenugui Magic Vol.02 Hyottoko Dance

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Tenugui can be used many different ways. Our “Hyottoko Tenugui” is a very unique one, it has two eye holes on it, so you may use it as a mask. It will be your great Halloween mask. We made a short movie of the “Hyottoko Dance”?for?you…

The Hyottoko Dance is a Japanese traditional dance dating back more than 900 years. It features a male dancer blowing fire from a bamboo tube, creating a funny faced, comical character called Hyottoko, which has been loved by the Japanese. It may also include a female character called “Okame”, and of course we have a “Okame Tenugui” on our site as well!
In the video, the dancer is wearing Hyottoko Tenugui and Tenugui Fundoshi (Japanese traditional underwear… coming soon at our site) in Central Park, hopefully brings you a laugh of magic from New York!

I always believe that Good foods, Daily Exercises, Many Laughes, and Love… bring healthy life to your day.
A laugh of magic, Happy Halloween, everybody!!!

- to be continued…

From Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.36 – SONNY ROLLINS The Father of Music

Monday, June 15th, 2009

I love Sonny – Sonny Rollins, a Jazz legend Saxophone player, was born in 1930 in New York City. He will be 79 years old this coming September. I went to his concert at Central Park Summer Stage last year with my dear friend. This is a short clip that I took 20-feet away from the stage! Always his horn and music are so special to me, because he makes my heart smile under any circumstance. Through many many many years of his music, still his sounds are always so new and so fascinating. I read an article about Sonny the other day, and I love what he said;
“Life is not just one easy ride – there were a lot of horror times. Being a musician is not the easiest life in the world but I always knew I wanted to be one. I still practice every day and I always knew I am still serching to make a better musical statement. I feel I haven’t really gotten my best work out yet and I’m just so happy to be involved the thing I’ve loved all my life.”
The challenges of the journey of one’s life, doing what they love most all the way to the end. Life is passions, the challenges and the journey of following the passions in my life, the things I love most… Tenugui.
Sonny?is my Father of MUSIC, and “Sonny Please!” let us hear more this year also!

By the way… I have another story to tell you about the night. My friend and I were so happy and almost drunk with Sonny’s sounds after his concert. We walked in the park together… nice romantic summer walk… and guess what? We both fell into a pond in front of the boat house accidentally. Oh, I was so glad that I had a Tenugui to wipe off algae all over our faces. It was the most unforgettable night and my favorite night last summer!

Sending you?a short story for Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.32 – Tenugui on the NY Japion – Take care with Tenugui

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
A short story about Ruri and Tenugui on the NY Japion

A short story about Ruri and Tenugui on the NY Japion

A short story about myself and Tenugui was in the Japanese weekly newspaper NY Japion on April 17, 2009. You will find the article on their website now. Please click here to visit ejapion web-site!

people and people and more people... in the sheep meadow, Central Park

people and people and more people... in the sheep meadow, Central Park

I went to Central Park last Sunday with my dear friend. The weather had jumped to summer suddenly… It’s still end of April, but all New Yorkers can’t wait till summer! I surely enjoyed a moment of sunshine with my Tenugui there… and oops.
It’s very hard to adjust body temperature during this season in New York… from 90F (32℃) to 45F (7℃). This is not my plan, but I got a sore throat, runny nose… knock knock… who is there?
Oh well…. I got a cold!

my favorite matzo ball soup - uses a Tenugui as a table napkin

my favorite matzo ball soup using a Tenugui as a table napkin

Do you know matzo ball? Matzo ball is Jewish traditional dumpling (no meat in it) usually served in chicken stock. The first time I had a matzo ball soup was in the Metro Diner?on my birthday two years ago. Since then, I am a big fan of Matzo Ball Soup! I have found many country’s own cuisine, and also different cultures since I moved to NY. Surely makes me feel that I live in the Melting Pot! Finding new things, foods, cultures, languages… are very interesting to me. To knowing the differences will help to understand others who have different backgrounds. And I believe that the knowledge will UNITED us…?Anyway…. let’s stop my mumbling here…
a cup of matzo ball soup?, Tenugui and a spice of LOVE… were the best medicines for me when I was sick.

The news tells us about swine flu all day long. It’s very important to know and understand the right information and how to deal with the environment around you. Please keep your immune system up, and take good care of yourself… I do same things, too!? Take care, everybody!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.20 – The special story for the special day – 9.11

Friday, September 12th, 2008
special place in my heart

special place in my heart

A short story for this special day… I move to New York on March 31, 2006. My second day in New York, I went to Central Park and I was wondering around the Sheep

Meadow closed to W 66th street. Suddenly the most beautiful cherry blossom appeared before my eyes. I walked toward the willow cherry tree and found a bench in front of it. I sat on the bench for a while, and then I found a little silver plate on the bench.

In memory of Scott Mitchell Schertzer
December 17, 1972 – September 11, 2001
We love and miss you. Never will forget.
You will live in our hearts forever.

Scott has same name as my husband who died by cancer in 2005, and also they had same birthday. Mr. Schertzer passed away on 9.11 and he was only 29-years old. It was meant to be that I found this place, and this bench is a special place for me since that day. Life is so precious and has many stories to tell. We often make reasons to avoid doing things. I would rather find reasons to do these things…

9.11…. Never ever will happen again if each one of us makes reasons for preventing. And I believe that our wishes will bring love and peace to all.
God bless you and your family.

- to be continued…

from Ruri mumbling date on September 11, 2008

Tenugui mumbling vol.08 – Save our Globe – Style with Tenugui!

Friday, November 2nd, 2007


The global warming is the one of concerning matters for all of us recently. We are in November already, but some people are still wearing short sleeves and flip flops and some people are wearing puff jacket (dawn Jacket) and long boots here in New York! I am so confusing what I wear everyday before jump in to the big apple. And even I feel so strange to see the Christmas display in the city.

Do you know that Tenugui will be one of the solutions to save our environment?

Here are some ideas for you. Wipe your hands or dishes with your Tenugui, so you don’t need to use paper Towel. Uses Tenugui to wrap gifts in this coming gift seasons, so we could save so much waste paper and ribbons. And then, you can use the same Tenugui again after wrapping gifts, as fashion, as decoration for your home, or even you can use Tenugui like a Yoga strap for simple exercise for the holiday tummy! And more!!! You may save a lot of your money from disposable gift wrappings, and paper napkins because you may use Tenugui over and over and over… as long as you want!

Here is some idea for the gift wrapping. Please see “how to do” on the photo and we have many of more ideas on our site at http://www.wuhaonyc.com/gift_wrapping.php


Let’s use Tenugui and save our glove with your Style with Tenugui!

- To be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on November 01, 2007/11/01

And …


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