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Wuhao Tenugui Exercise can be the answer for you!!

Did you sleep well last night? Are you filled with energy when you wake up in the morning? But then do you feel overwhelmed after a long day? Are you surrounded by stress? Are you too exhausted to exercise? Does just reading this tire you? Wuhao Tenugui Exercise can be the answer for you!! All it takes is about five minute in the morning and five minute in the evening to energize your body and relax your mind - wuhao "Style with Tenegui". It is a very simple stretching exercise based on Hatha Yoga and Classical Ballet study, using Tenugui to give special support for your body. Deep breathing to the music on this DVD relaxes you by focusing your inner muscles and gently stretching your whole body.

Leisurely doing the morning five minute exercise, as demonstrated on our DVD, will gently wake your mind and slowly warm your body to energize your new day. The song "Morning Dew" is a beautiful slow ballad for this five minute morning tenugui exercise. "Bluesy Blue" accompanies your five minute tenugui evening exercise. This exercise, as shown on your DVD, will soften your tired muscles and make your mind and body relax ? bringing a peaceful stillness into your soul.

Both songs are composed and performed by Jon Davis from New York, a composer/musician well known for great piano in the jazz scene in USA and Europe. We believe his compositions are both dynamic and passionate and also have a purity of sound that complements our tenegui exercises. Ruri Kabashima Kippenbrock is the creator and demonstrator of these simple, five minute exercises. She has been studying Classical Ballet since she was three years old, and has practiced Iyengar yoga since 2002. Through her long time practices of Ballet and Yoga, she learned the technique of physical beauty control, and discovered her own Tenugui Exercise.

Enjoy this beautiful collaboration in your daily life: our own simple exercise, the sounds of jazz, the urban nature from New York, and Tenugui!

Wuhao Tenugui Exercise DVD & Tenugui set Coming soon!


1. Morning Dew (Jon Davis)

2. Bluesy Blue (Jon Davis)


Using tenugui as a sling to hold your broken arm in place. Tenugui cheers you up and you'll feel like less pain. Using two pieces of tenugui, tie top and bottom corners and make one long sling, hang through your neck and keep your arm in a stable position.
Tenugui: nishijin kyoto $25

Little cut, little burn, little twist... tenugui is powerful first aid. Tenugui used as a bandage.
Tenugui: bubble $18