[ART-01] $30.00

The New Mexico element called Zia is in the corner, opposite the dragonfly and poppy. Zia is representative of the Sun, and it is also on the state flag of New Mexico, represents the region of the country. Early Christian missionaries saw in it the symbol of the Christian cross. It has a crossover culture piece with many layers of meaning. The dragonfly is a common Native American symbol of "Renewal", in the dry desert the dragonfly is often a first indicator that you have found water. The poppy is a plant that works well in the dry desert and high altitude, for many of us, the poppy is the only thing we can get to grow volunteer. Japanese Tenugui evolves to the new stage, collaboration with Japanese culture, Native America and Christian symbol - This United tenugui is designed by a Hispanic Graphic Art/designer, Jake Atencio who lives in Albuquerque, and it's only available at wuhaonyc Tenugui Art.
This tenugui is part of our donation program. 20% of sales will go to the scholarship for the Menaul School(www.bepartofmenaul.com).
This tenugui uses chusen method hand-dye.
size: 37x98 (cm) / 14.6x38.6 (inch)