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Bingata is a type of dyeing method from Okinawa, Japan. Originally, bingata came from South Asia back from 14th century, the Okinawans borrowed the technique and created their own nature-inspired designs that found throughout the island. Bingata tenugui is a new challanging between Bingata artist and traditional chusen dyeing method, made a beautiful new creation to 21st century!
The amazing color contrast and tropic motif design, this Bingata Tenugui is one of kind, very special design, and hand-dyed by Tenugui craftsman in Japan. Bringing you exotic tropical jungle feeling with Tenugui.
Bingata tenugui is sold exclusively at wuhaonyc.com in the USA.
It uses 100% Japanese cotton fabric and uses chusen method hand-dye.
size: 33x90 (cm) / 12.9x35.4(inch)
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