My secret garden still water a moment of peace with tenugui. Tenugui using as a table center.
Tenugui: chrysanthemum $45

Organic cotton tenugui always bring gentle touch in any places.
Tenugui: Left back morning dew $30 / Right back grove $30 /  Front sea gull $30

To-ji (east temple) Kyoto, Brighten up my corner of the room and my day.
Tenugui: to-ji (east temple) pagoda kyoto $25 / wuhao original frame; custom made from $200

Cherry blossom through the lattice window.
Tenugui: cherry blossom kyoto $25 / wuhao original frame; custom made from $200

Natural indigo an accent of my interior deco "wuhao chic".
Tenugui: chrysanthemum $45

My ballerina pausing on the tenugui stage. Tenugui used as a table cloth.
Tenugui: ichimatsu check (pink) $20

Tulips and green checker tenugui make a perfect couple. Tenugui used as a table center.
Tenugui: ichimatsu check (green) $20

Tenugui keeps your TV free from dusts with an elegant look. Tenugui used as TV cover.
Tenugui: a-un kyoto $25


Blue night tranquilize your body and mind.
Tenugui used as pillow cases. Tenugui: Left wuhao (light blue) / Right wuhao (navy) $45 Tenugui: Used as a framed wall accent. karakusa (red) $22

Collaboration with tenugui and anniversary clock - happiness -
Tenugui: wave $20

A moment of peace in the middle of night.
Tenugui: flower bunny Kyoto (green) $22

Skyscraper dazzling tenugui shade shimmering in Manhattan.
Tenugui: petal breeze $20

Simply wrap over a pillow bringing a flower to the fairy in my room. Tenugui used as a pillow case.
Tenugui: hydrangea $20


Fresh asparagus simply buttered on the hot pan with the spice of love. Tenugui used as a potholder.
Tenugui: asparagus $20

My favorite tenugui remade as an apron.
Apron coming soon

Flower coaster is bringing you spring breeze.
Coaster coming soon

A cup of tea for someone special. Tenugui using as a napkin.
Tenugui: wuhao mame-shibori $15 wuhao original goods place mat, Coming soon.

Fresh garden salad with Glass of Chardonnay; wuhao style of Sunday brunch. Tenugui used as a table runner.
Tenugui: rose $30

A cup of cappuccino and dark brownie with dear friends, these are a few of my favorite things. Tenugui using as a table accent.
Tenugui: coffee bean $20

A bowl of "ocha-duke" (rice with green tea) nothing better than that for a snack.
wuhao original goods  place mat, Coming soon.

Afternoon tea in wuhao style. Tenugui used as a table center.
Tenugui: indigo bunny (nave blue) $45
Tenugui used as a tea cloth.
Tenugui: kitchen $18

Beans and color green brighten up my kitchen every day.  Tenugui used as a dish cloth.
Tenugui: Left green pea $20 /  Right edamame $20

Using favorite tenugui make daily silverwares arranging charmingly. Tenugui: clover $20


Bubble Bubble happy bath time. Tenugui: bubble & Goldfish $20 coming soon

Gently dry your hands with a mother's touch.
Tenugui: dot print coming soon.

Spring bloom in your bathroom.
Tenugui: sakura (pink/blue) $35

Bathing and my brother are my favorite things and so is tenugui, too.
Tenugui: Left bubble $18 / Right goldfish $18

Look Mommy, I can wash myself with tenugui!
Tenugui: Left bubble $18 / Right goldfish $18


Tenugui can be a screen filter keeping your computer free from dust, rest your eyes with variety of colors. Tenugui used as a filter.
Tenugui: ume $20

Her name is “shizuku-chan” (little drop) make you smile any occasions.
wuhao original goods; paper weight “shizuku-chan”(large) coming soon.

“Shizuku little sister” and “sizuku baby” always keep my company on the desk.
wuhao original goods; paper weight shizuku-chan (medium), suzuku-chan (small) coming soon.


Hip hop jump with bunny pouch even birds are curious it.
wuhao original goods; pouch / bunny coming soon.

Catch of the day; tenugui pouch fish print with lure strings.
wuhao original goods; pouch /fishing coming soon.

Hip hop jump with bunny pouch.
wuhao original goods; pouch / bunny coming soon.