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We are pleased to inform you that we offer your customized design Tenugui from a minimum 50pcs order. For your company, shop, restaurant, school, dojo, team, etc. , we will make your own design and logo Tenugui using a Japanese traditional chusen hand-dye method - all hand dyed and hand made!

It is a perfect gift for a wedding, new born baby, Christmas, birthday, family union, anniversary, surprise party, corporate gifts and any occasion that's worth celebrating!

Let's make your own Tenugui with wuhao newyork!

Custom Order


hand cutting process of creating tenugui

Hand cutting stencil

Tenugui all designs require hand cutting the stencils, and price will vary depending on the design complexity. We will inform you the exact cost of your hand-cut stencils after we have confirmed your design and order. Typically the cost of the stencils ranges from $150 to $250.
A part from the cost of your Tenugui order, we will also charge you additionally for your custom stencil.

Hand cut stencils can be used up until 2000 prints are made, so if you decide to order more Tenugui, you will not have to pay another stencil fee for your next order (we can make additional prints till 2000pcs.)


Price will change depending on your design complexity.
We will inform you exact Tenugui price after we confirmed your design.
Here is some idea price if you use one base color + one design color for your logo or design.

Quantity Short Tenugui (1pcs) Long Tenugui (1pcs)
50 ~ 99 $14.00 $16.00
100 ~ 199 $12.00 $15.00
200 ~ more $10.00 $12.00


You can choose the base color of your Tenugui from our 12-select Japanese traditional colors. Please note that the color will not be exactly the same as the sample color because our Tenugui is all 100% hand-made. Please enjoy a unique personalized products crafted by our traditional Japanese craftsmen.

No.00 White

No.01 Navy

No.09 Blue Gray

No.11 Dark Brown
No.19 Dark Green

No.23 Fresh Green

No.30 Red

No.33 Baby Pink

No.17 Maroon

No.35 Violet

No.24 Mustard Yellow

No.37 Light Blue


For best results we recommended using either one or two colors for the design colors of your Tenugui, especially making your own logo Tenugui. For example, use white base color and with one solid color for your logo, or choose one of the base color from our colors and use white for your logo like our sample photo for better effects of your design.

Please note that our Tenugui uses Japanese traditional hand dye (chusen) and hand cutting stencil, so invariably there are design limitations.

All lines need to be more than 2mm thick and all dots need to be more than 2mm diameter.
If you want to use two different colors for your design, they will need to be separated more than 8mm between one color and the others.


The material is 100% cotton.
You can select either short or long sizes.
Short: 85cm / 33.46"(length) x 34cm / 13.39"(width)
Long: 100cm / 39.37"(length) x 34cm / 13.39"(width)


Step 1: Please fill and send your order and contact information in our on-line form.

Step 2: Send us your design file in PDF format.

Step 3: Confirm your final design and final price.

Step 4: Send you final order confirmation by e-mail with the link to our on-line secure site.

Step 5: Process your payment by credit card or paypal through our secure site.

Step 6: Fabrication of Your Tenugui after confirmed your payment.

Step 7: Tenugui will be shipped from Japan to our U.S. warehouse.

Step 8: Lastly Tenugui will be shipped to your shipping address.

The whole process will take roughly 30 to 45days after confirm your design and final order.

Custom Order


Free Shipping by USPS (in USA only)
Except by USPS or overseas shipping, we will inform you all of the shipping charges before sending you your order.


We could not accept the return your custom order tenugui after we confirmed your design and your order.

If you have any questions about your custom order Tenugui, please contact us anytime.

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