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Tenugui Mumbling Vol.144 – First Tenugui Shop open in NYC

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015
First Tenugui Shop open at AZASU

First Tenugui Shop open at AZASU

Dear Tenugui Fans, hope you are enjoying your summer there! We are sooooooooo excited to inform you that our FIRST TENUGUI SHOP opened in Lower East Side, NYC.  It is located in Hip Japanese restaurant AZASU (49 Clinton Street, NYC).

Tenugui of the month - specially selected tenugui

Tenugui of the month – specially selected tenugui

We’ll change tenugui design in monthly bases, you can shop at AZASU from 6pm to 11pm :0) How cool, Tenugui Night Shopping!

49 Clinton Street, Lower East Side

49 Clinton Street, Lower East Side

Come and see us at AZASU (49 Clinton Street, NY, NY 10002), let’s have a cup of Sake with Tenugui!!!!!

- to be continued…


From Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.66 – Tenugui Exhibition @ the Japan Fondation, Canada!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Great news for Tenugui Fans in Canada!
The Tenugui exhibition “Tenugui Design Excellence in Japanese Daily Life” is being presented by the Japan Foundation, Toronto, in association with Kamawanu (Japanese Tenugui Company).
You can see over 200 tenugui on display, as well as a documentary about the making of tenugui.
The exhibition will be held through?July 30th.

And there will be a tenugui lecture by Mr. Kazuhiro Kato (vice president of Kamawanu) on June 3rd (Thu) 6:30pm to 8:30pm.? Please check the link below for more details;

The Japan Foundation Home Page:

The Tenugui Lecture by Mr. Kazuhiro Kato

My parents live near Kamawanu tenugui shop in Daikan-yama, Tokyo, just five minutes from their home.
I have always enjoyed spending time in their shop to check all tenugui and tenugui goods there.
It is my dream store, hopefully, someday I will open a store just like Kamawanu-san in New York!!!

Gotta hustle~~~

Thank you very much for sharing this great information with us, Kate-san!!!

- to be continue…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol. 40 – The NYC Japan Street Fair

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
The NYC Japan Street Fair will coming soon!

The NYC Japan Street Fair is coming soon!

We will attend The NYC Japan street fair on 8/23(SUN). It’s the first Japanese street fair at the Daytop Madison Avenue Festival. And of course we are the first Tenugui vendor! Please come and visit our booth when you are around. The fair will be held on Madison Avenue between 43rd street and 44th street, 11am to 6pm rain?or shine! Please?see details at The NYC Japan Street Fair site.

See you very soon!!!

See you very soon!!!

I am so excited about our attending!!!!!! See you very soon!!!!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri