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Tenugui mumbling Vol.96 – Make a wish – Tenugui Tanzaku

Friday, June 24th, 2011
Tanzaku is a Wish Tag for Tanabata Festival

Tanzaku is a Wish Tag for Tanabata Festival

July 7th is a Tanabata Festival in Japan, also called Star Festival. The story of Tanabata came from an ancient Asian folk legend about the Cow Herder Star (Altair) and his lover the Princess Weaver Star (Vega), who had been banished by her father to opposite ends of the Milky Way, doomed to meet each other but once a year at this time. If it rains that night and the stars cannot be seen, the lovers must wait another year to be re-united.

Each summer in Japan, children and their parents prepare for the festival by writing their wishes on Tanzaku, narrow strips of colored paper and hanging them with other paper ornaments on bamboo branches displayed at the entrance to the their homes. Everyone prays that the sky will be fair, the lovers will meet, and their wishes will be granted.

I made Tanzaku with Japanese 5-Yen coins last Tanabata. 5-yen coin has many good meanings. We call it Goen, which means good relationship. The first 5-yen was printed in 1949, it has three symbols on the face of coin, and one on the other side. Rice as Agricultures, Gear as Industry, Stripes (wave) as Fishery Industry, and new leaves as Forestry. It was designed with Wishes of reconstruction and development of Japan.

I made 5-yen Tanzaku for you all this year also. Any tenugui order until July 7th (Thursday), you’ll receive a 5-yen Tanzaku with your Tenugui.
Or any tenugui fans who want to have 5-yen Tanzaku, please send email to mail@wuhaonyc.com , I’ll send you one for your wish come true.

What is your wish year 2011?

 Love You

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.73 – Tenugui ideas from wuhao friends

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Andrew is an artist. He uses tenugui as a face mask when he makes his compositons.

Andrew is an artist. He uses tenugui as a face mask when he makes his compositons.

Hope you are enjoying your summer (or maybe winter?) where ever you are.

We received a few photos from our wuhao friends. I?never thought that Tenugui could be used as a mask! Andrew-san is an artist and lives in California. He?discovered tenugui from his dear friend, and since then, he is a big tenugui lover. He told me that he never forgets to take tenugui anywhere he goes.?

Summer festival in Naeba, Japan. Many visitors use tenugui as hats! Can you see them?

Summer festival in Naeba, Japan. Many visitors use tenugui as hats! Can you see them?

Ayumi-san sent us a photo from Japan. She went to Naeba, and joined the summer festival. She said that tenugui is very popular in Japan now, especially in the summer festival. People use it as a towel, a hat, a head wrap… etc etc. Enjoy summer and tenugui~~~~ Yes, It’s Summer~~~~!

Thank you for sharing your tenugui photos, Andrew-san and Ayumi-san!
We always welcome your tenugui photos and stories on our site.
so please don’t be shy! Let us hear from you and about your Tenugui story!
Looking forward to hear from y’all soon!

Have a wonderful summer with your Tenugui, dear wuhao fiends!
Shy Whistler

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.72 – The Japan Town

Sunday, July 11th, 2010
Cool Japan Festival (the Japan Town) will come to East Village on July 17(sat)!

Cool Japan Festival will come to East Village on 7/17(sat)!

?It’s summer~, many street festival will come to town! We’ll attend the Japan Town, the Japanese street festival organized by AZIX Inc this coming Saturday. the Japan Town is a series of three festivals celbrating all things Japanese from July to September.

The first festival “COOL JAPAN FESTIVAL” will held in the heart of East Village (4th avenue between 8th to 10th street) on July 17th (Saturday). We have variety of Japanese food, goods, activities and more! Please come and enjoy little Japan Town with us!

Please make a note for the upcoming the Japan Town festival on your dairy!

“Healthy Food & Green Festival” @ Madison Avenue (between 43rd to 45th street) on August 22nd (Sunday).
“Soul Food Festival” @ Lexington Avenue (between 93rd to 96th street) on September 26th (Sunday).

Check more details at their official site; http://www.nyjapantown.org

Looking forward to see you there!!!!


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.45 – Hyottoko photos from Japan

Saturday, October 24th, 2009
Hyottoko&Okame, and Shichifukujin by TETSU

Hyottoko&Okame, and Shichifukujin by TETSU

I was Google-ing about “Hyottoko” and I found a great blog from Japan. TETSU takes many amazing photos, and shares his great works on his blog. The colors are so vivid and fresh, and also have a warm feeling in all of his photos. I can feel the breeze and breath from his compositions.
So, as soon as I found his photos, I contacted him, and Guess What?
We’ll start a new collaboration of photos and Tenugui from now on!

This is our first collaboration “the beauty is in that difference” No.01 – Hyottoko

Hyottoko dance by TETSU

Hyottoko dance by TETSU

Hyottoko is a Japanese unique male character known among the Japanese for more than 900-years. It features a male dancer blowing fire from a bamboo tube, creating a funny faced, comical character. Tetsu took these photos one summer at the festival in Nigata. They performed ,Hyottoko & Okame dance, and also Shichifukujin (Senven Luck God) in their festival. The dancers wore Hyottoko & Okame masks, and use mame-shibori Tenugui as head covers. Tenugui are always a part of our culture for many decades.

Thank you Tetsu-san for sharing your beautiful photos with us!
And… Dear wuhao friends, sending you “the beauty is in that difference”, a part of Japan for you today!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri