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Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 159 – Storm King Art Center

Sunday, September 4th, 2016
Amazing Sculptures

Amazing Sculptures by Alexander Liverman

Believe or not, this is my first road trip and first vacation since I moved to New York in 2006, Finally visited Storm King Art Center in the end of Summer.

art of power

by Menashe Kadishman – Power of Art!!!

Cool breeze make me feel of the beginning of Fall, surely enjoyed visiting Storm King! Received many inspiration of designs, and healing power from the landscape and sculptures.
Definitely want to come back with Autumn leave here.

1 Museum Road, New Windsor, NY 12553


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui Mumbling Vol.158 – The Kitano Hotel New York

Thursday, July 28th, 2016
The Kitano Hotel New York Tenugui :-)

The Kitano Hotel New York Tenugui :-)

I am so honored to working with The Kitano Hotel New York (66 Park Avenue, NYC), this special The Kitano Tenugui this year also!!!!

The Kitano Hotel New York and Manhattan Skyscraper

The Kitano Hotel New York and Manhattan Skyscraper

Still most favorite Tenugui Design that we made so far, and the best hotel in New York City!!!!!

- to be continued….

From Ruri



Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 156 – Happy 4th of July

Friday, July 8th, 2016

- to be Continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 154 – Ghostbusters ?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
Hum..... in front of our building....

Hum….. in front of our building….

I LOVE my office building, it’s old, it’s ugly, but full of old New York taste come with it.
High ceiling, old wood floor, and strange large bathroom…. all my favorite things.

And….. somehow….
Ghostbusters are in front of our building……

Life is a full of surprises!

- to be continued…

From Ruri

Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 151 – Tenugui Showroom @ Manhattan

Monday, December 14th, 2015
Open Tenugui Showroom at Midtown, Manhattan

Open Tenugui Showroom at Midtown, Manhattan

Dear Tenugui Fans,

We opened Tenugui Showroom office at Midtown, Manhattan, New York. Since we started Tenugui business in 2007, finally we got a showroom space now.

You can review our Tenugui collection in person, and also, we can discuss your custom tenugui order in our office.
We can make your own tenugui from 30-pcs, and also custom noren from 1-pc of order.
Please come to our showroom by appointment.

Appointment by phone  (212) 231-8126
Appointment by e-mail   info@wuhaonyc.com

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

- to be continued…


From Ruri