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Tenugui Mumbling Vol.118 – Cute Tenugui Headwrap :-)

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013


Found cutest Tenugui Headwrap on Youtube :-)
Title – Introducing Cute Tenugui Wrap by Chiko, Manager of Uniwa

As you know, Tenugui can be used many different ways, more than you can imagine, and has unlimited possibilities to use Tenugui.
Chiko-san was added one folding before wrapping around her head, then making beautiful style with her Tenugui!
I think this is the cutest Tenugui head cover so far, I have been seen. One simple fold making a big style accent, totally amazing!

Enjoy her stylish Tenugui Hairband and her beautiful smile :-)
Thank you very much sharing your Tenugui Smile with us!

- to be continued…
Thank You
From Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.18 – “Tenugui meet Klut” collaboration from Sweden – Japanese Design “Picnic on a blanket”

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

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“Tenugui and Klut” – The second episode “Tenugui meet Klut”

How amazing these photos are! We got a letter and photos from The Osterlens Museum in Sweden.
They had an exhibition called “Tenugui and Klut”, about meeting between the Japanese Tenugui and the traditional head garment “Klut” from the south of Sweden.
The exhibition arrangement was based on an idea by a Japanese artist Takao Momiyama and his wife Gunnel Momiyama Petterson who live in Sweden and presented to the Osterlens Museum. At the opening ceremony at the museum, all visitors had a chance to meet Tenugui and wearing it, then took their pictures in many different ways. We could see some influence from their tradition, but also find evolve to new styles.
Thank you very much for sharing with us the beautiful creation “East meet West”.

An Eco-bag for YOU!

wuhao eco bag with wuhao original mame-shibori tenugui

wuhao eco bag with wuhao original mame-shibori tenugui

wuhao original shopping bag with original mame-shibori
Thank you for the photo, Masae-san our dear wuhao Friend!

We know you care about saving our earth and environment for future generations. Here is our original indigo shopping bag for you and our earth!
The customer who spends $50 or more of Tenugui order at our on-line shopping, will get our original shopping bag for FREE! Our shopping bag is right size to carry supplies for a day or two, it will help to use fewer plastic bags that stores give you. As you know, the plastic bags are harming our beautiful grove… Let’s start to use own shopping bag and focus on Ecology. YES, still not too late!
Our Eco-bag campaign will be going on from now untill Father’s day. The first 15-customers who buy more than total $50 dollars of Tenugui at our on-line shopping, will receive our original indigo shopping bag for FREE. But only 15-bags are available, so please hurry and get your new Eco-bag!!!

New composition is here from The Gordon School. Please enjoy her crisp early summer Tenugui art!

The Gordon School – composition #10 ? Picnic on a blanket -

“Picninc on a blanket”


I used the idea of a picnic for my tenugui becuase picnics give me a great feeling. You can enjoy eating and be stylish at the same time! I have designed a sandwich, drinks, dots and a picnic basket – I love the summery feeling of the colors.


Students artist wearing “Picnic on a blanket”

- to be continued…

From Ruri