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Tenugui mumbling Vol. 114 – Valentine’s day or Fundoshi Day?

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Fundoshi Day!

Valentines Day or Fundoshi Day?

I found this photo on Facebook, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It said; ” February 14th, Valentine’s and Fundoshi Day – Relationship and Fundoshi can make a knot many times. ”

Do you know about Fundoshi? Fundoshi is a Japanese traditional underwear that has a very long history. The shape of Fundoshiis a vertical Tenugui with a long string attached on it. You can use string to tie Fundoshi around your waist, and the Tenugui portion comes around between your legs. See the photo of Tenugui Fundoshi master Ringmaster Yoshi (Tokyo Circus) here!

Ringmaster Yoshi - Tokyo Circus!

Ringmaster Yoshi - Tokyo Circus!

So now, I think I can think of this quote in two different ways;

1. When your Fundoshi get looser, you can tie up(or fix) tightly anytime, so does your old relationship.

2. Fundoshi can tie many times, so does making new relationship with someone always.

Well… how do you think?
Let’s give a nicely tight hug to your sweetheart tomorrow, and show her/him your true love!
Or hug yourself nicely for Thank you being ME :-)

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Tenugui Fans \(*v*)/
We love you always!!!!!!

- to be continued…

Valentine hand heart

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.84 – Key to my Heart

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
key to my heart Tenugui and chocolate!

key to my heart Tenugui and chocolate!

Hope everybody had a great Valentine’s Day!?

It?is?the nice day to remember someone loves you very much. I got yellow roses, key to my heart tenugui and a chocolate from my dear friend. Who has a key to your Heart?

We feel a hint of Spring on the street in the Big Apple. Hoping we will have a key to Spring very soon!
Happy Valentine’s Day, Tenugui Fans!


- to be continued…

From: Ruri