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Tenugui mumbling Vol.77 – Kanpai with your Tenugui

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Scott Kippenbrock - the great man in universe

Scott Kippenbrock - the great man in the universe

Today is a very special day for Kippenbrock family and friends…

Scott was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2002 while living in Shanghai, China with me. After a lengthy but courageous battle with this insidious disease, he passed away October 11th, 2005 in Texas.

He always made people laugh and smile in any circumstance… in the subway station, airport, bar, restaurant, work, hospital… and of course our home. It was very important for him to “Make You Happy”, and so, he was very happy himself to receive smile from others. It’s a very simple way to be happy, “If you are happy, I am happy”.

Since he went to Heaven, our family and friends have been moving on to next stage of our life in many different places in the world. I know sure that he is always watching over us, cheers us up, and make us smile in many different ways…

I always think that I want to be a person like him… strong, warm and has a big heart and love…
And I would like to “Make You Happy” through Tenugui and my web site.

For Scott Kippenbrock… You are a great man in the universe…



- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.69 – Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

Sunday, June 20th, 2010
my father Kosuke Kabashima @ Beijing, China

my father Kosuke Kabashima @ Beijing, China

My father was born and lived in China?for forty years of his life. He spent his childhood in the Northern parts of Manchuria. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to live there during? World War II, and after the war,??also because he is Japanese.

He never told me about his life in China when I was little, until he wrote a book “Liu Jo” after he retired from the company that he worked at for over 30 years. “Liu Jo”?means flying seeds from willow trees. We can see “Liu Jo”? in Beijing, tons and tons of seeds fly all over the city in Spring time. He thought that his life is just like “Liu Jo”.

He is a hard worker. My mother told me that when she was pregnant, he left home for his business trip abroad, and? three days before I was born, he came back from his trip.

Life is interesting. I also spent 18-years of my life in China, and I am living in New York now, I am sure I have?been infuluenced from Father as well.

Life is balanced. He worked so hard when he was younger, not having enough time to spend with his family. Now he spends most of his?time with my mother. They are just like best friends, I guess, and have been soul mates more than 50-years!

my papa and mama in Beijing, China

my papa and mama - they both love tenugui, always have one with them.

Life is beautiful. He is?a cancer surviver. Remaining positive during his illness, spending quality?time with his wife, and teaching Chinese and Chinese business to?his students,?he passes?on his knowledge and experience to the?next generation.

I am very proud of?my father, and I am very glad to be his daughter!
Happy Father’s Day, Papa from New York!

Father's Day Girl

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.61 – Welcome to the world!

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
Baby Chloe with Big Apple Tenugui

Baby Chloe with Big Apple Tenugui

Welcome to the World, Baby Chloe! She borrows her Mommy’s Big Apple Tenugui,?and she is sleeping like an Angel.

Congratulation Lindsey and Justin, and all her family, including me!
Yes, I am so excited to be Obaa-chan (Grandma) now!!!
Love You
- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.55 – Hatsuyume (First dream)

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
standing same place on New Year Eve

standing same place on New Year's Eve

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, I was standing at my usual place at the subway station to go to work. I looked at the other side of the platform, and I found a homeless guy was bundled up in his blankets, and peacefully sleeping. I hadn’t seen him for a long time, and I remembered that he was not there last New Year’s eve. I got a strange warm feeling in my heart as soon I knew he was there, and in his place.

I have met so many great people this year through my Tenugui. They support me, and tell me the stories of their life. The words they give to me, I always cherish, and they bring me good spirits, and send me hope and light. Many?wuhao friends send me messages and compliments everyday, which give me a confidence to continue in my own life.


First Dream - by puff

First Dream - by puff

In Japan, If you have a dream about Mt. Fuji, Hawks, or eggplants on the first night of the new year, you will have a blessed year. For me, dreaming about waking up on a Tenugui field filled with love and energy, makes me feel blessed…

Happy New Year to all!
Wish you all have a great year 2010, be loved and love….

and Peace…

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.23 – “Life” and “Hope” – Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 26th, 2008
cathedral parkway subway station

cathedral parkway subway station

I would like to send short stories to you on this special day…
I often ask myself “what is the meaning of life?”, and I have never had an answer for it.
I saw a homeless man was sleeping on the other side of platform when I wait for my subway to work every morning. He was always there on the same spot at the station and I just wondered what the meaning of life meant to him…
The night before Christmas, I was standing in my same place?at the station but he was not there …

Union Square Holiday Market

Union Square Holiday Market

We have many different faces and life...

We have many different faces and life...

I went to the Holiday Market at? Union Square last week. Many colorful vendors tents show us holiday cheers, even while?we have been struggling during these bad economy situations.
A weired looking old man was sitting on the stairs with his layerd rotten clothes and looked at me. I thought that he wanted to ask me for a quater or a penny, instead he gave me the most beautiful smile and said; “Happy Holidays!” I was shocked by his holiday greeting instead of asking me for some change, and soon I was embarrassed myself… Then he said; “Have a nice day, Lady!” I smiled and said; “Happy Holidays!”

the statue of liberty from the riverside park

the statue of liberty from the riverside park

It’s the Kippenbrock’s Christmas tradition to watch the movie “It’s a wonderful life” on the Christmas Eve since 1995. I skipped a few Christmas since I moved to New York but I watched it this year. As you know, this movie shows us Christmas Blessing, Family Bond… etc. I found a very important message last night that I had never gotten before… “What would this world be like if you were not here?”

I went to see Milk, the movie about Harvey Milk?this afternoon. I was deeply touched about him and his life, and it made me think about Life, Religion, Human Rights, and HOPE. I think that religion and politics should not be talked about at the same place, but unfortunately it happens often. Harvey Milk’s great work was not just for gay rights but for all people and their equality. He left us with “H-O-P-E” in our hearts.
Many good and unexpecting things have been happening in the world. “LIFE” and “HOPE” …?
I believe that each one of us has special meaning and I wish that we will always have “HOPE” in our hearts.??

These movies were perfect to see on this special day, and with my special one… Thank you for being here…

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2008

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2008

Radio City on Christmas Day

Radio City on Christmas Day

Thank you very much for all your supports to us and Tenugui this year.

Best Wishes to all…. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


- to be continued….

From Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.11 – the night before Christmas – Japanese Design “Winter in New England”

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
Rockefeller center Christmas lighting

Rockefeller center Christmas lighting

Rockefeller Center New York The tallest Christmas tree

The night before Christmas decoration

The night before Christmas decoration

My little Christmas tree “The night before the Christmas”

- The night before Christmas -

I would like to send y’all a short poem today for this special season.

It’s 4am now and I’m watching you sleep…

I’ve seen the sunset in the ocean in so many countries.

I’ve seen moutains kiss the sky in so many places.

I’ve seen desert’s sand glow from the sun.

I’ve seen the moon reflect it’s comforting watching over me from a mountain’s lake.

… but nothing in this world is as beautiful and as peaceful,

the sight of your face while you sleep…

The night before Christmas, you are the best gift from heaven.

Have a happy holiday season, and God bless you and your family…

The Gordon School – composition #03 – Winter in New England -

“Winter in New England”

Winter in New England is one of my favorite times during the year. I really like it when the seasons change.

The designs on my Tenugui show aspect of the season – snowflakes, muffins, ice skates and winter hats.

Students artist showing “Winter in New England”

- to be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on December 17, 2007