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Tenugui mumbling vol.21 – Tenugui Trick – Japanese Design “Havest Moon”

Saturday, October 4th, 2008
Funky Duo in Okame Tenugui and Hyottoko Tenugui

Funky Duo in Okame Tenugui and Hyottoko Tenugui


Pause with Okame Tenugui and Hyottoko Tenugui

Pause with Okame Tenugui and Hyottoko Tenugui

Trick or Treat?

We hear unexpected news everyday from the screens and papers… what will be next week.. next month or even next year… makes us think about our unknown future. Thinking and concerned …and getting nervous. Well… feel hopeless.
My dear friend told me that “We must live for today!” – Yes that’s right and I am thankful for what I have now.

The holiday season is on the way, here are some ideas for your Halloween. Tenugui will make a perfect Halloween costume without spending too much money. Look at Funky Duo above, how reasonable and cute!!
Ren-san wears Hyottoko Tenugui, her Tenugui even has funny nose hair but she still looks so lovely! Nao-san wears Okame Tenugui, big smile with sweet kisses, brings happy smile to everybody! Thank you very much for ALOHA RAG New York members to showing us Funky Tenugui Trick! Please come and visit at ALOHA RAG (505 Greenwich street, New York) high fashion boutique and you may see the Funky Duo there!

Ninja-Style with Karakusa Tenugui

Ninja-Style with Karakusa Tenugui

And here are more ideas for you.
Our wuhao Model Gab-chan wears Karakusa Tenugui, guess what!
Yes, you can be a “Ninjya”, just a Tenugui wrap!


Candy Bowl uses Yogi Tenugui!

Candy Bowl uses Yogi Tenugui!

Tenugui can be your candy bowl or baskets also.
Just make a few knots and here you go!
Yogi Skelton Tenugui changes to a candy bowl.

Have a Happy Halloween with your Tenugui!

New composition is here from The Gordon School. Please enjoy his poetic Tenugui art!

The Gordon School – composition #12 – Harvest Moon

“Harvest Moon”


A thicket of bamboo stands with a crane, forming the harvest moon in the sky.Two leaves fall to earth on my Tenugui.

Students artist wearing “Harvest Moon”

- to be continued…

?From Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.08 – Save our Globe – Style with Tenugui!

Friday, November 2nd, 2007


The global warming is the one of concerning matters for all of us recently. We are in November already, but some people are still wearing short sleeves and flip flops and some people are wearing puff jacket (dawn Jacket) and long boots here in New York! I am so confusing what I wear everyday before jump in to the big apple. And even I feel so strange to see the Christmas display in the city.

Do you know that Tenugui will be one of the solutions to save our environment?

Here are some ideas for you. Wipe your hands or dishes with your Tenugui, so you don’t need to use paper Towel. Uses Tenugui to wrap gifts in this coming gift seasons, so we could save so much waste paper and ribbons. And then, you can use the same Tenugui again after wrapping gifts, as fashion, as decoration for your home, or even you can use Tenugui like a Yoga strap for simple exercise for the holiday tummy! And more!!! You may save a lot of your money from disposable gift wrappings, and paper napkins because you may use Tenugui over and over and over… as long as you want!

Here is some idea for the gift wrapping. Please see “how to do” on the photo and we have many of more ideas on our site at http://www.wuhaonyc.com/gift_wrapping.php


Let’s use Tenugui and save our glove with your Style with Tenugui!

- To be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on November 01, 2007/11/01

And …


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