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Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 137 – Omiyage Tenugui

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


O-MIYAGE (お土産) is one of Japanese culture, means a gift. For greeting seasons, celebrations and anniversaries, promotion tool for new products, new shops, and  new restaurants, or even your self, Tenugui has been using as a Omiyage over centuries.

Now I am ready to attend special Tenugui event this coming Thursday (12/4), these tenugui are Omiyage Tenugui for the guests. 30-people only, will receive a free tenugui at the event.

See event details at Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 136  Enjoy Tenugui with the Five Senses!
Hurry up, and make reservation now \(*v*)/

12/4 (Thursday)  Open 6:45 pm  Start 7pm till 8:30pm
Venue:  TOKYO TAPAS CAFE (7 Cornelia street @ W 4th Street, NYC)
(Phone) 212 242 6333  (Email) tokyotapascafenyc@gmail.com

Hope to see you at the event!

… to be continued.


From: Ruri


Tenugui mumbling Vol.104 – Tenugui for Tea Towel

Thursday, June 7th, 2012
Using Tenugui as a tea towel

Using Tenugui as a tea towel

We received beautiful photos from Tenugui Fan Blair from San Diego, California. He is a Tea master, and use his Tenugui to handle his tetsubin (Iron tea pot). He said that Tenugui is perfect for holding the hot lid and wiping down a tetsubin to keep it looking great and rust free. He keep one handy for all tea sessions.

Use tenugui to hold a lid of Tetsubin

Use tenugui to hold a lid of Tetsubin

Blair practice Cha-No-Yu, Sencha-Do and Chinese Gongfu-Cha. He use a different seasonal themed tenugui every month to handle his cast iron tea kettle. Tenugui keeps him focused on the moment and the season at hand while protecting his fingers from the hot kettle. He use tenugui with his tetsubin for both japanese Sencha-Do and Chinese Gongfu-Cha as a tea towel.

Surely, Tenugui can use many different ways. Thank you Blair for sharing your Tenugui Story with us. Let’s have a cup of tea, with your Tenugui!

- to be continued…


From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.32 – Tenugui on the NY Japion – Take care with Tenugui

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
A short story about Ruri and Tenugui on the NY Japion

A short story about Ruri and Tenugui on the NY Japion

A short story about myself and Tenugui was in the Japanese weekly newspaper NY Japion on April 17, 2009. You will find the article on their website now. Please click here to visit ejapion web-site!

people and people and more people... in the sheep meadow, Central Park

people and people and more people... in the sheep meadow, Central Park

I went to Central Park last Sunday with my dear friend. The weather had jumped to summer suddenly… It’s still end of April, but all New Yorkers can’t wait till summer! I surely enjoyed a moment of sunshine with my Tenugui there… and oops.
It’s very hard to adjust body temperature during this season in New York… from 90F (32℃) to 45F (7℃). This is not my plan, but I got a sore throat, runny nose… knock knock… who is there?
Oh well…. I got a cold!

my favorite matzo ball soup - uses a Tenugui as a table napkin

my favorite matzo ball soup using a Tenugui as a table napkin

Do you know matzo ball? Matzo ball is Jewish traditional dumpling (no meat in it) usually served in chicken stock. The first time I had a matzo ball soup was in the Metro Diner?on my birthday two years ago. Since then, I am a big fan of Matzo Ball Soup! I have found many country’s own cuisine, and also different cultures since I moved to NY. Surely makes me feel that I live in the Melting Pot! Finding new things, foods, cultures, languages… are very interesting to me. To knowing the differences will help to understand others who have different backgrounds. And I believe that the knowledge will UNITED us…?Anyway…. let’s stop my mumbling here…
a cup of matzo ball soup?, Tenugui and a spice of LOVE… were the best medicines for me when I was sick.

The news tells us about swine flu all day long. It’s very important to know and understand the right information and how to deal with the environment around you. Please keep your immune system up, and take good care of yourself… I do same things, too!? Take care, everybody!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri