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Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 168 – Your Own Tenugui Mask

We have started taking Tenugui Mask custom order right now. It’s hard to find masks in the city, but we need them right now. In Asia, it has long been common to wear a mask while on public transportation––even if you are not sick––out of thoughtfulness and concern for others. In the US, most people think that only sick people need to wear masks, so initially many people were staying away from––or sometimes even giving the side-eye to––people who were wearing masks. Right now, we have all learned new manners, such as wearing masks if you can’t keep physical distance, and I think that is a good thing during this unfamiliar situation.

Since I cut that first tenugui with a pair of scissors, I discovered the beauty of tenugui in a new way. Since each piece of the tenugui is unique, none of the masks are exactly the same. The inside of the mask features a different tenugui fabric––for example, Chita cotton, known as the top-quality Japanese cotton for more than 400 years, or super soft double-gauze tenugui for the masks of young children and seniors. We can provide masks to those who need them most, with a one-of-a kind design, unique in the world.

Here is more information about our Tenugui Mask, style, size, price and how to process your custom order:


About Tenugui Mask Custom Order

All my Tenugui masks are made by order, each mask are one-of-a-kind :-) Because using hand-dye Tenugui (Japanese hand-dye cotton cloth), the price are little bit high, from $18 to $42. Hope these price are well for you.

Please see below for more about Tenugui Mask;

Tenugui is hand-dyed cotton cloth from Japan. Each tenugui are uniquely different, and also, my masks are individually cut & sew, so each masks will be one-of-a-kind. Tenugui cloth dries fast, and using the best quality of Japanese cotton. You can find the touch of improvement each time when you wash your tenugui mask.

I have 4 different styles, and 3 sizes for adult.
Kids are 1 style, and 4 sizes.

Adult S/M/L/XL
Kid S/ML/Junior

* Additional +$10 for special edition of Tenugui mask, using Shibori, Sashiko, Ukiyoe, and other limited design patterns.

Style A 3D style 2-layers $18 per pc
Face side of mask uses Tenugui with patterns
Reverse side of mask uses Chita Cotton (white tenugui cloth no patterns)
* Chita cotton is the top quality of Japanese cotton that has more than 400 years of history.

Style B 3D style 3-layers reversible $28 per pc
Face and reverse side of mask uses Tenugui with patterns, can be wear both side.
Adding a middle layer Chita Cotton (100% Japanese cotton) for additional protection
* Shibori or Sashiko Tenugui Mask is upcharge +$10.

Style C Pleats style 2 layers Reversible with pocket for 5 layers activated carbon filter
including 1 pc of PM2.5 Activated carbon filter $32 per pc
Face and reverse side of mask uses Tenugui with patterns, can be wear both side.
There is a pocket between face and reverse side of mask, you can insert PM2.5 carbon filter. This style has a nose wire.

Style D 3D style 3-layers with pocket for 5 layers activated carbon filter
including 1 pc of PM2.5 Activated carbon filter $32 per pc
Face uses tenugui with pattern, 2nd layer and 3rd layer are Chita Cotton (white Japanese cotton).
There is a pocket between 2nd layers and 3rd layers, you can insert PM2.5 carbon filter.

Kid mask $18 per pc
S & ML kid mask are 3D style 3-layers.
ML & Junior are Pleat style 3-layers.
Design patterned tenugui on the face side of mask, and reverse side uses super soft double gauze tenugui.

About Shipping Charge
Shipping charge will be around $4 for USPS First Class service, and $9 for USPS Priority mail service for US domestic, up to 4 masks. The shipping cost will be up, depends on order quantities.

How to process your one-of-a-kind Tenugui Mask order
If these prices are well for you, let me know your favorite theme and colors, I will send you few design options from our stock tenugui. Also, please choose style and size. I’ll make your own Tenugui mask after confirmed tenugui design, mask style, and size.

Currently, 20 orders are on the waiting list. It’ll take around 5 to 7 business days to making, after confirmed design and your payment. I’ll try to make your mask as soon as I can, hope these leading time will be workable for you.

Please stay safe & well :-)

to be continued…

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