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Ruri Kippenbrock

Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 164 – Sending Love with Tenugui

Don't forget Spring has come soon :-)

Don’t forget Spring has come soon :-)

Today is the big day of people living in America, or maybe in entire world….  inauguration 2017…
Sometime we feel fear when it comes something not known, or change that will affect our life,
I feel very afraid and worry about America and world today…

As I am a small business owner and an immigrant, and making and selling Japanese product in United State of America.
What will change for import duty? What will change foreign currency?
Small business tax? health insurance? Humans rights? Women’s right? etc. etc….
I have been very concerned and sensitive for these topics last few months.
And today…. I am very depressed… not like typical me….

I love America and New York very much, giving me so much Hope to live in my dream here.
No place like in New York, each of people has all different back ground, races, culture, language etc etc….
and we all mingled nicely and equally.

All my wishes are, We can have Hope, Love, Peace and Equality for every single person living their life in this world.
I am wishing that we could enjoy beautiful Cherry Blossom in D.C. this coming Spring, where all trees are came from Japan and standing there very long time peacefully….

- to be continued….

From Ruri

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