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Tenugui Mumbling Vol. 151 – Tenugui Showroom @ Manhattan

Open Tenugui Showroom at Midtown, Manhattan

Open Tenugui Showroom at Midtown, Manhattan

Dear Tenugui Fans,

We opened Tenugui Showroom office at Midtown, Manhattan, New York. Since we started Tenugui business in 2007, finally we got a showroom space now.

You can review our Tenugui collection in person, and also, we can discuss your custom tenugui order in our office.
We can make your own tenugui from 30-pcs, and also custom noren from 1-pc of order.
Please come to our showroom by appointment.

Appointment by phone  (212) 231-8126
Appointment by e-mail   info@wuhaonyc.com

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

- to be continued…


From Ruri



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