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Tenugui mumbling Vol.89 – A Peace of Cloth – Quilting Arts


Title "Japanese Rhapsody in Blue" completed in June 2009

My happiest time is reading messages from Tenugui fans everyday. Sometime I receive letters, e-mail, and photos.
I always smile myself,?and imagine their smiling faces with their?tenugui. Some tenugui fans are martial arts practitioners, Kendo players, cancer patients, and some of them are artists,?musicians, sushi chefs…??and also quilting artists.
I am so happy to know that many people love?tenugui in many different ways, that’s exactly what I like to see. Tenugui has limitless possibilities, and no boundaries.

Elisabeth-san?is an amazing quilting artist, and also a member of the Japan Quilting Group in Australia?. She visited Japan a few years ago for her quilting tour, and fell in love with Japan and Japanese traditional textile, especially indigo cottons (aizome). I can see her love of Japan from her compositions.

The first quilt is called “Japanese Rhapsody in Blue”, it was completed in June 2009. This quilt is machine-pieced and hand-quilted.

Title "Noshi Matters" completed in Jan 2011

Title is Noshi Matters, completed in January 2011

The second quilt is called “Noshi Matters”, and was completed in early January, 2011. Noshi is a bow, and is used during very special Japanese traditional occasions. Machine-pieced and hand-quilted, the size is 36 by 63 inches.

Title is My Japanese Journey - her new composition

Title is My Japanese Journey - her new composition

Kimono, Japanese houses, and flowers... so beautiful together

Kimono, Japanese houses, and flowers... so beautiful together

The last composition is called “My Japanese Journey”, machine-pieced and hand-appliqued, with sashiko, and she is working on hand-quilting now. The size is 58 by 73 inches. I can see her beautiful memory of Japan trip on her quilt.

A Peace of cloth…. that I felt from her compositions. A precious fabric was sewed and linked together, and she put a life into her quilts.? I think Quilting Arts are just like a magic!

Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful quilts and your love of Japan with us. The beauty of Japan will stay forever in your blue peace of cloth….


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

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