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Tenugui mumbling vol.13 – Tenugui museum – Japanese Design “Cooking Time”

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


Thank you cards from the Gordon School, they are on my treasure boxes.


Tenugui museum in my kitchen, the most favorite place in the world.

I got handmade Thank you cards from the young artists of The Gordon School. It was the last day of year 2007, I found a package in front of my door just before ahead to my friend place. Sitting on the subway sheet and opened a package, it was a BIG surprise from them. Each of young artists used Origami and decorated by their own creations or drawing their own designs on the cards. Thank you all and Tori, sending me such a wonderful treasure. Last day of year 2007, I was on the subway with full of happy smile and the warming greeting…one of the best day of my life!

I love cooking, especially cook for someone very special. Chopping vegetables, saute foods on the pan… The sounds of cooking, the aroma from delight dishes and love as a spice… perfect collaborations! I use Tenugui as a kitchen cloth or a place mat everyday. Because Tenugui dry fast and easy to wash by hands, not only that! They are all so beautiful. I have a special corner in my kitchen called Tenugui museum where is the most favorite place in the world now!

We made Tenugui Museum on our web-site also. Please enjoy the beauty of Tenugui at our Tenugui Museum.

The Gordon School – composition #05 ? Cooking Time -

“Cooking Time”


My Tenugui is filled with images of the basic utensils that you need for cooking.

I choose this subject because cooking is important to me.


Students artist showing “Cooking Time”

- to be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on January 16, 2008