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Welcome to “Tenugui Mumbling!”

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007


Howdy-konnichiwa to y’all!
First of all, thank you very much for all of your support to make my brain mumblings into a real thing:
Vanilla’s Toshi-san and Kishi-san; Suguru-san and Fukuda-san; Edge-blue Yasui-san, Takekawa-san, and Suzuki-san; Correct Manabe-san, Hirofuji-san, Rampya-san; idess Asakura Family and Kubono-san; Toshin Yamamoto-san; Kyoto tenten Masuda-san; Asami-san; gallery gen; Taylor & Taylor Matsumoto-san, Okazaki-san; NNR Ogoe-san, MSIG Oki-san; Manhattan Office; CPA Tei-san,Takeda-san; Chase Juan; Aruba Shige-san & Teru-san; trend-pot Onishi-san; Daily Sun Sasaki-san; Top NY Usui-san; Stanford University Hospital,; Portola Packaging; and Mita Beverage Mita-san, Yamanaka-san, and all of company members;
And special thanks to my family in Japan, Texas, and Australia for their long time support and always letting me feel the love from y’all whatever wherever however I am;
And my dear friends from all over the world: Matsu-san and Lan-chan, Adachi Family, Kana-chan, Fred, Peter, Marci, Brad, Danny, Okaru, Toru-san, Richie, David, Laura and Kevin, Buddies in Shanghai, Buddies from Gogen, Dr. Fisher, Ote Family, Nagara Family, Watanabe Family, Mukasa Family, Larry and Jenny, Fred and Rhoda, Kubota Family, Eri-chan, Asuka-chan, Patric, Marcus, Reuben, … and special thanks to my dear friend Jon.
I believe that the things happening around us always have meaning, and we will see that it will bring something that has meaning to us in the future. Life is very interesting and precious in many different ways.
- to be continued
From Ruri
Mumbling dated on June 22, 2007