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Tenugui mumbling vol.27 – Valentine’s Day at Tiffany’s

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
Tiffany's show window

Tiffany's show window

I always love to visit Tiffany’s. Maybe it’s because I love “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, or because I love the character of?Holly Golightly, and that we have some shared experiences.?We both?moved to New York from Texas to start our new lives.

Tiffany's front door

Tiffany's front door

As soon as I enter Tiffany’s revolving door, the elegant doorman is waiting and says “Welcome to Tiffany’s”. He always has that Tiffany’s smile on his face. I walk straight to the elevator and?again hear, “Welcome to Tiffany’s” from the gentle elevator man greeting me so nicely.

What do I always do at Tiffany’s?
l visit their Customer Service Center?on the?6th floor and have my jewelry cleaned. The luxurious and spacious room is very elegant, and simply gorgeous. As I am waiting on the sofa, I become calm and relaxed. There is much stress surrounding us constantly in New York, but not in Tiffany’s! The time flows gently and elegantly. The personal customer service lady takes my jewelry and gives them a nice special bath, and bring new shinny life into them.
I wish that someday my Tenugui will be like Tiffany’s – and that brighten your day!

Valentine’s day is very soon! Please send a warm message to your special someone to express your sweet love… But first of all, send a big Valentine’s Hug to yourself for being yourself!

Happy Valentine’s day!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri