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Tenugui mumbling Vol. 39 – Summer Decoration with Tenugui

Monday, July 27th, 2009
Tenugui Museum - simply hanging your favorite tenugui in the garden

Tenugui Museum - simply hanging your favorite tenugui in the garden - photo at Julie's Garden

Summer is finally here in New York. Humid air and sticky weather… Here is a tip for cooling down summer heat with your Tenugui;
1. wash?your tenugui with cold water?and drain water well by your hands
2. simply hang your tenugui where it can catch the summer breeze
Your eyes and your body may feel summer cool?air with your own Tenugui museum!

welcome flag FULL HOUSE - welcome home!

welcome flag FULL HOUSE - welcome home!

Tenugui welcome flag has arrived! This 22×35 (cm) small flag called “Manegi” in Japanese, it comes with a bamboo hook. This small flag is perfect to hang on the wall, door or window. “Manegi” always welcomes you coming home.

Watermelon is nutritional summer vegitable

Watermelon is a nutritional summer vegetable

?The watermelon and watermelon Tenugui, what a perfect table decoration they are!

Uses tenugui as a BBQ Cloth - Uroko & edamame tenugui

Uses tenugui as a BBQ Cloth - Uroko & edamame tenugui

The old ragged tenugui will be perfect to use as a kitchen towel. It absorbs water very well and also will dry fast. You may use Tenugui as a pot holder as well.

a cute garden accent - onsen (hot spring) frog

adorable garden accent - onsen (hot spring) frog

And… this is my No.1 garden deco in this summer! Onsen Frog!!! “Onsen” means Hot Spring in Japanese. We have many hot springs all over in Japan. We used to use a Tenugui as a bath towel to dry our body after taking a bath. I still remember my grandparents were using Tenugui every morning and night.
You don’t need to take big western bath towel to go to Onsen, please take a tenugui, that’s all you need! You may be surprised that tenugui is big enough to wipe all of your body dry. Believe it or not?

A little accent for your summer with tenugui, may bring you a smile on your face. “Summer decoration” from? Julie’s Garden, hope you have some of your own ideas for your summer!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.29 – Tenugui ideas by wuhao friend – Treasure box

Saturday, March 14th, 2009
Tenugui treasure box by Masayo-san
Tenugui treasure box by Masayo-san
put sweet memories into your treasure box

Let's put sweet memories into your treasure box

I always enjoy hearing from our wuhao friend. I met Masayo-san last month at the Kimono event. We had a chance to share a cab after the event. We simply introduced each other and enjoyed the night ride in Manhattan. We talked about many things… the performance we saw, living in NY, girl’s things… and also about tenugui.
Tenugui is very popular in Japan, so most families always have tenugui around them… in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or even in their handbags. Tenugui are always around… just like the love of a famiy.
Masayo-san told me that she made a treasure box with her old tenugui. These photos are of her treasure box. She put new life and style into her old tenugui… just so amazing how she made it!
Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful tenugui box with us. Masayo-san is a graphic designer in NY and you can see her works at the site www.abombinabull.com .

I have a treasure box in my home. Much love and memories are in my box. Photos, birthday candles and cards, new year’s tiara, rose petals, easter bunny, notes from my love, and my favorite tenugui … and many more treasures will come to my box!!!

Do you have a treasure box?
I think you do… special treasures that warm your heart…

- to be continued…

From: Ruri


Tenugui mumbling vol.12 – a Happy New Year – Japanese Design “Japanese Winter”

Monday, December 31st, 2007


My name is Racotaro, and I am a Raccoon.


this is my room and I live with Kawauchi Family in Miyagi. Japanese Tatami mat and washi-paper screens are my favorite in this room. And also I have a tokono-ma (decorative alcove) in my room!

a Happy New Year to all!

My friend sent me these lovely photos (Thank you, Toni!) and I would like to share them with you in this special day. These photos are reminded me about peaceful country and heart warming Japanese New Year.

New Year is the biggest event in Japan; I would say same like Thanksgiving or Christmas in America. The family come home to celebrate New Year together, eat soba noodle (buckwheat noodle) New Years Eve to wish our long life as like soba (long noodle). And wait till mid-night to hear the “Jyoya-no-Kane” (Bell) from the Temple greeting New Year together. We do many of “Hatsu (first)” things on New Year’s Day. Like, “Hatsu-hinode” means “see First sunrise”, “Hatsu-moude” means “first visit to shrine or temple”, or like “Hatsu-warai” means “First Laughter”. We believe that starting the New Year with a smile is considered a good sign. I hope this lovely Racotaro will bring you a smile on this special day!

The Gordon School – composition #04 ? Japanese Winter -
“Japanese Winter”


This Tenugui shows a beautiful part of Japan and Asia – the unique bamboo that grows there. This is a scene of bamboo covered in winter snow with flying birds. The reversed pattern allows you to wear it any direction.


Students artist showing “Japanese Winter”

- to be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on Janyary 01, 2008