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Tenugui Mumbling Vol.145 – Stirling Sake @ Greenport

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
Beautiful entrance!

Beautiful entrance!

Congratulation Stirling Sake (477 Main Street, Greenport, NY)!!!! Their Grand opening is on the way!

Special hand crafted Bar counter by Spanish artist :-)

Special hand crafted Bar counter by Spanish artist :-)

You can enjoy amazing Sake tasting at the hand crafted Bar at Stirling Sake :-)

Catch of the day!

Catch of the day!

And!!!! Beautiful Sushi Bar there :-)
Oh… I can’t wait to visit again at Stirling Sake!
By the way, we made their beautiful Noren too! Hand dyed in Tomoe Senko in Iwate :-)
Thank you so much for Stirling Sake and Tomoe Senko, let me made this special Noren.

Stirling Sake
477 Main Street, Greenport Suffolk, NY 11944
(Phone) 631 477 6782

- to be continued…



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