"wuhao" is No.5 in Chinese. Five has many significant meaning in Oriental medicine and general thought in Asia, especially China and Japan.  According to Oriental system, we believe that everything in natural world is controlled by five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

"wood" express growing trees and blooming flowers, represent development and growth, symbol of "spring". "fire" express a blazing of flame, represent fiery composition, symbol of "summer". "earth" express germination of plants represent nourishment and conservation, symbol of "changing season". "metal" express sparkling mineral and metal, represent firm and certain nature, symbol of "fall". "water" express flowing and welling fountain, represent source of life, birth and spiritual composition, symbol of "winter".

I respect and believe the five elements philosophy through my 18-years of life in Japan and 18-years life in China. And I believe that the balance is the most important for us, like the balance of nature in this earth... the balance of human body... the balance of love and relationship, between family, partners, friends and neighbors around us... the balance of power between nations... the balance of coordination, like colors, fashion, and decorations... the balance of music, like sounds, tunes, rhythms, and keys... and needless to say the balance of food that we intake daily living.

We would like to be our Tenugui will be a spice for your balanced daily life. And make you aware the changing seasons, the gift of nature, the traditional wisdom, a love from someone special, and most of all Happiness is coming with this simple smile..

Thank you for choosing wuhao newyork. We are always here and wish your happy day and your balanced new coming day!

Ruri Kabashima Kippenbrock
wuhao newyork Inc


Vale; Scott Kippenbrock (1960-2005)

"I've been fortunate in my life to have visited many different places in this world, and to have interacted with many different cultures. I find Japan to be one of the best. Along with elegance and grace of the country, and magnificent scenery, the people Japan and the culture are charmingly different. - The beauty is in that difference."

- Scott Kippenbrock

Scott was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2002 while living in Shanghai, China with his loving Japanese born wife, Ruri. After a lengthy but courageous battle with this insidious disease, he passed away October 11th, 2005 in Belton, Texas.

He was born December 17, 1960 in Colorado and lived in many places. After he graduated high School in Texas he served in the Marines Corps and, after receiving an honorable discharge, worked as an engineer in management for many different companies in U.S.A. and China.

Scott and Ruri traveled between China and America for almost two years for radiation and chemo therapy treatment at the Stanford University Hospital in California. After ten years together in China, they went to back to Texas in 2004 to spend rest of his life near his family. He never complained about his condition, his pain, or his shortened life. Scott accepted what he had and tried to live his life as normal as possible - with days full of love given to, and received from his family and friends.

Ruri's family sent Tenugui when Scott's cancer treatment caused the inevitable loss of hair, and he loved it. The soft fabric was so gentle on his treated skin and the size was perfect to wrap and cover his head. He enjoyed the variety of colors, patterns of tenugui and creating his own style to wear it. But most of all he enjoyed feeling the changing seasons and beauty through the art of tenugui. Tenugui always brought him a warm happy smile and also for his loving Ruri. Certainly tenugui was their little spice for their remaining short precious days. We would like to carry his will through this web-site, to introduce one of Scott's favorite country's Japan, and his love of tenugui. We hope that we would be able to be a spice in your life and in your day. For the people who are suffering unexpected sickness or even people who are struggling difficult time in many reasons...

Please send us e-mail and share your story - with tenugui or without tenugui. We are always here for you.

e-mail address: ruri@wuhaonyc.com

Thank you very much for sharing this moment with us.


wuhao newyork Inc, is located in New York and offers Japanese Tenugui (Japanese traditional towel) world wide via the Internet. We are pleased to provide our products along with introducing you to tenugui history, tenugui tradition and culture, and most of all we would like to express Japanese "i-ki 粋" (means "stylish" in Japanese) that brings the concept of our company "Style with Tenugui" by wuhao style. We would like to bring you a happy smile through this simple 100% cotton hand-made rectangle cloth.

wuhao newyork Inc.

Ruri Kabashima Kippenbrock
January 10, 2007

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