[CT-02] $25.00


This handsome tapestry display set uses selected Japanese cypress, it will fit any size of Tenugui. The set is including a brown string for make the top hanger and two black rubber bands for the bottom hanger. We sell a tapestry display set separately, or we make a tapestry display for your Tenugui without any other processing cost.
If you would like to make a tapestry display for your tenugui;

1. Pick a tenugui that you would like to make a tapestry, and add it to your shopping cart.
2. Click add on this page and proceed with your order process.
It takes about 2 business days to finish making tapestry display work in general. If you have any questions, please send us e-mail to info@wuhaonyc.com

Tip for your tapestry display tenugui;
Chusen tenugui is reversible, with patterns appering both on the front and reverse sides. It will be so beautiful to hang your tapestry on your window or uses as a window screen. Only chusen tenugui can do this art work!