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This is a new concept of Tenugui, Mini Tenugui just arrived. The size is a half size of standard Tenugui, a perfect to use as a Handkee or a cool Pocket Square!
This Tenugui Handkerchief has a cute message on it. OOKINI おおきに means Thank you in Japanese with Osaka Accent. You might know how to say Thank you in common Japanese Arigatou ありがとう. The size of Japan is smaller than California, but has many accent in different areas. This cute Tenugui Handkerchief was designed with a little Japanese doll Fukusuke, he is bowing to express the appreciation with Osaka accent!
This tenugui uses tenassen method hand-dye.
size: 37x40 (cm) / 13.4x15.7 (inch)
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