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Tenugui has used a paper stencil to print for more than 200 years, and Japanese craftsman still make the stencil by hand-cutting using same process. The paper stencil called Edo Katagami (Edo stencil) is made with Japanese Washi paper and uses Kaki-shibu (tannin) to reinforce it.
Here is a mini stencil which is available on wuhaonyc. You may use it for an accent design on your greeting card, or any place you would like to add a design. You may use it on your Tenugui to make your own design tenugui as well. Please check our process instructions which come with your Edo katagami, before using it. How about using a Edo stencil to make your own season greeting card this year? A little effort showing your sweet LOVE...
Edo stencil made with 100% Washi paper from Ise, Japan.
size: 7x10 (cm) / 2.8 x 3.9 (inch)
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