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Tenugui welcome flag arrived! This 22x35 (cm) small flag called "Manegi" in Japanese, it comes with a bamboo hook. This small flag is perfect to hang it on the wall, door or window. "Manegi" always welcome you coming home.
"無病息災 百事大吉" means good health and good fortune in Japanese on the flag. A little story about Hyotan (grourd), they have been using as a sake bottle in Japan from 1500 years ago. The woodmans and travelers used to hang a hyotan around his belt as an amulet for their safety. Since then, hyotan have been loved among Japanese as a symbol of safety travel.
This tenugui uses chusen method hand-dye.
size: 22x35 (cm) / 8.5 x 14 (inch)
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