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NO SEW, NO CUT, AND JUST FOLD! Tenu Wrap is the new concept Tenugui. Each Tenu Wrap is individually hand-dyed by craftsman, and then, fold like a Oriami to 3D vegetable shape. Because it is 100% cotton fabric, not a paper, you can fold many times you want, also, not necessary to folding in a perfect line, so easy to make a shape for any ages. You can play Tenu Wrap like a Origami, but also you can use as a tea towel after open it. Tenu Wrap Pumpkin was designed and produced by Ryoei Plan in Hokkaido, and joining NPO organization in Asahikawa-city, to support perceptual disabilities self-support system, only available at wuhaonyc.com Enjoy beautiful design combination of Japanese Traditional Kimono pattern Karakusa Tangled Vine design, which has a meaning of infinity, and Pumpkins. Tenu Wrap is come with a folding instruction, and a special box that just like a carton box that has been using in the Fruits market in Japan.
This tenugui uses nassen method hand-dye.
size: 35x90 (cm) / 13.7x35.4 (inch)
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