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Komon DIY Tenugui is a 9.8-yard (900cm) length non-cut Tenugui fabric. You can use as materials for quilting, clothing, linens, home textiles, or any of your DIY projects. The tenugui fabric width is about 13-inch (33cm), usually we can make 10-pcs of tenugui from one roll.
The Pine tree is symbol of long life in Japan belong with bamboo tree and ume tree called "Sho-Chiku-Bai". This simple tenugui will remind you there is always tomorrow. The design of white pine needle with waving patterns float on the dark moss green Tenugui making look as simple and as elegant.
This tenugui uses nassen method of hand-dying.
size: 33x900 (cm) / 13x354.3 (inch)
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