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Great news for cat lovers! The Maneki-neko Collection Tenugui just arrived! The cat figurine with beckoning paws has long been loved among Japanese people as a lucky item. The cat's fore paw invites customers and brings in wealth, so merchants tend to display it in their shops and restaurants. The most common belief is a left paw raised brings in customers, and the right paw raised brings wealth and good luck! Each Maneki-neko Collection Tenugui has a theme, bringing a new season to your home!
Do you like Sushi? Sushi-go around (Kaiten sushi 回転寿司) is very popular place to have a sushi. A name of fish in on the sushi tenugui, let's learn your favorite fish name with Tenugui!
This tenugui uses nassen method hand-dye.
size: 33x90 (cm) / 12.9x35.4 (inch)
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