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Great news for cat lovers! The Maneki-neko Collection Tenugui just arrived! The cat figurine with beckoning paws has long been loved among Japanese people as a lucky item. The cat's fore paw invites customers and brings in wealth, so merchants tend to display it in their shops and restaurants. The most common belief is a left paw raised brings in customers, and the right paw raised brings wealth and good luck! Each Maneki-neko Collection Tenugui has a theme, bringing a new season to your home!
Happy New Year, Tenugui Fans! Hanabi (花火) is fireworks in Japanese. Hana means flower, and bi means fire. Gorgeous Hanabi colored new year's sky, can you happiness all year around, with Maneki-neko Tenugui!
This tenugui uses nassen method hand-dye.
size: 33x90 (cm) / 12.9x35.4 (inch)
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