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Bingata is a type of dyeing method from Okinawa, Japan. Bingata came from South Asia back from 14th century, the Okinawans borrowed the technique and created their own nature-inspired designs found throughout the island. Bingata tenugui is a new challanging between Bingata artist and traditional chusen dying method, made beautiful collaboration of two traditional technique, and then create new style of Tenugui in 21st century!
Let it snow, Let it snow.... this Bingata Tenugui was designed by Bingata artist. Making a beautiful harmony of Bingata with colorful snowflake... Happy Holidays with Bingata Tenugui Snow!
Bingata tenugui is sold exclusively at wuhaonyc.com in the USA.
It uses 100% Japanese cotton fabric and uses chusen method hand-dye.
size: 33x90 (cm) / 12.9x35.4(inch)
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