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Tenugui mumbling vol.06 – MUSUBI – make a knot

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007


“MUSUBI” ornament for bomboo tree.


“MUSUBI” Tenugui bottle wrapping

We are pleased to inform you that our First Collaboration between Tenugui and Japanese Sake & dinner at SAKAGURA New York was successfully held on August 27th (Mon) and 28th (Tue). It was Sakagura‘s late summer festival, and the crowd enjoyed the changing of the seasons from the taste of Sake & special dishes and our Tenugui display “MUSUBI” (in Japanese “make a knot“). We hoped that we could express the connection with beautiful harmony – The great taste of Sake and the selected delightful dishes, fabulous restaurant and excellent services, Japanese food and TENUGUI – All made beautiful collaborations in this perfect season. All customers seemed to enjoy the Sake tasting Party by Joto Sake LLC on 27th (Mon), the special menu “Early Autumn Special dishes with Sake Paring” by Sakagura restaurant’s Sake sommelier Cheeze and Executive Chef Akinobu Suzuki and our Tenugui disply “MUSUBI”. We created “MUSUBI” chopsticks pillows for each customer, “MUSUBI” decorations for Sake bottles, a hint of decoration for the door, and “MUSUBI” ornaments for the plants.


“Dragon fly and Mulberry” feeling of coming Autumn…

We have selected two pieces of Tenugui for this special event and season, “ Summer Hanabi ” and “ Dragon fly and Mulberry“: these two seasons make a knot together. Over the next few months we would like to show you more Tenugui revolutions, so keep checking back with us.

Please enjoy this beautiful season with Tenugui – Summer is yielding to Autumn

- to be continued…

From Ruri

mumbling date on August 29, 2007