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Tenugui Mumbling Vol.166 – Open Studio @ IPPIN PROJECT STORE

Monday, November 20th, 2017


Holiday seasons are on the way!
We are pleased announce first open studio to sneak peek the selected items and new Japanese Artisanal items at IPPIN PROJECT STORE.
We are going to have pre-order sales and Japanese Tenugui wrapping workshop!

Here is our open studio schedule:
December 1 (Fri)   12 to 7:30pm
December 2 (Sat)  12 to 5pm
December 5 (Tue) 12 to 5pm
December 8 (Fri)  12 to 7:30pm
December 9 (Sat)  12 to 6pm

Japanese Tableware Pre Order Sale
Artisan Potter Koji Kitaoka
Awabiware by Junichi Okamoto

Tenugui Gift Wrapping Workshop @wuhao newyork
December 8 (Fri) start 6:30pm
December 9 (Sat) start 1pm / Start 3pm
$20 per session included one Tenugui for you!
RSVP  send email to ruri@wuhaonyc.com
(Phone) 212 231 8126

Hope to see you at our showroom (225 W 36th Street, Room 603 & 604, NY, NY 10018)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Tenugui fans!!!

to be continued….
From Ruri


Tenugui mumbling Vol.139 – Sending your message with Tenugui!

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


Holiday season now, how about sending Tenugui to your friends and family this year?
Only 10-more days to Christmas, but don’t worry!  Let us send your message and Tenugui directly to someone very special :-)

Please write your message in comment space when you process your order, we’ll be your messenger this year! Also, available special package (see above photo) for free! Just ask us for special gift package as well!

Happy Holidays, Tenugui Fans!

- to be continued…

3D Santa

From: Ruri

Tenugui Mumbling Vol.117 – Tenugui Money Wrap

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Japanese traditional style money envelop made with Sakura Tenugui! A Musubi-kiri bow is suitable to use for a wedding or any other celebrations, except a baby shower.

It’s Spring time, season of Graduation and Wedding, and many celebrations are on the way. We have a great gift idea for your family and friends, TENUGUI MONEY WRAP!

In Japan, we also customarily send some money as a gift for celebration, so their family and friends can use it for their future needs. We have a special money envelop, called O-SHU-GI BUKURO (お祝儀袋), means Celebration Envelop. Usually, comes with two parts, a white paper envelop for putting money, and outer wrapping with Japanese washi paper, and then, ties a bow with Japanese traditional strings called Mizuhiki.

Mizuhiki has some traditonal rules; let me explain about Mizuhiki. See the photo below;

The top one called HANA-MUSUBU, just like a standard bow knot. HANA-MUSUBU can unwind and make a knots in many times, so it uses for the event desired to occur repeatedly, like a new born baby and anniversary.

The middle one called MUSUBI-KIRI. MUSUBI-KIRI was knotted very tightly, and can’t unwind after made a knot, so it uses for the event not desired to occur again, such as wedding, celebration for the recovery. MUSUBI-KIRI is also used for funeral and memorial ceremony, but only uses black and white strings, instead red and white (or other colorful colors).

The last one called AWAJI-MUSUBI, AWAJI-MUSUBI was knotted tightly and many circle layers, wishing a long relationship, so it uses for the event like a wedding or anniversaries as well.


KICHO design with Musubi-kiri bow is a perfect money wrap for Wedding, and any celebrations, except a baby shower.


OWL DESIGN and HANA-MUSUBI is a perfect money wrap for baby gift and graduation, birthday, and any events want to have repeatedly.

Tenugui Money Wrap is made with a half size Tenugui, so can be used as a Handkerchief later, and keep it with a beautiful celebration memory.
Isn’t so lovely idea?

- to be continued…

From: Ruri




Tenugui mumbling Vol.109 – Holiday Tenugui Wrapping

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Autumn Stream Tenugui and a red bow - a perfect coordination together!

Received a photo from Tenugui Fan Haruyo-san, she uses Autumn stream Tenugui for a gift wrapping to her best friend. She told me that she was very amazed can Tenugui wraps any shape of items than more than imagined.? A satin red bow bring up Holiday Spirit with Tenugui wrapping, a perfect coordinate together.
Thank you very much Haruyo-san, sharing your holiday wrapping idea with us!

Happy Holidays with Tenugui!

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.81 – Tenugui Gift Ideas & “Mottainai Campaign”

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
Box wrapping with Furoshiki Sho-Chiku-Bai

Box wrapping with Furoshiki Sho-Chiku-Bai

Bottle Wrapping with Furoshiki Muji Shantung (red/black)

Bottle Wrapping with Furoshiki Muji Shantung (red/black)

bottle wrapping with Shikan-jima Tenugui

Bottle wrapping with Shikan-jima Tenugui

Box Wrapping with Cherry Blossom and Weeping Willow Tenugui

Box Wrapping with Cherry Blossom and Weeping Willow Tenugui

Long box warpping with Skelton Tenugui

Long box wrapping with Skelton Tenugui

Two DVD wrapping with Wrench tenugui

Two DVD wrapping with Wrench tenugui

Apple wrapping with Big Apple tenugui

Apple wrapping with Big Apple tenugui

Christmas mame-shibori in the basket

Christmas mame-shibori in the basket

Sending love with Tenugui... Happy Holidays!!!

Sending love with Tenugui... Happy Holidays!!!

We have received many requests to carry Furoshiki from Tenugui fans. I hesitated a while… because, we are a Tenugui Special Online Store. Well… Why not?? “Customers are always right!”
So, here we go! We have started carrying Furoshiki now.

What is the difference between Tenugui and Furoshiki?
Tenugui is a 100% cotton rectangular cloth, and is used for wiping, wrapping, wearing, and many more ways. Tenugui width is between 34 to 38cm, and the length is between 90 to 120cm.
Furoshiki is a square cloth, made of many different materials, such as silk, cotton, hemp, rayon or polyester. Furoshiki can be used for wrapping and carrying items, but not for wiping and wearing like Tenugui.

Holiday gift season comes now. These are my gift ideas for Tenugui fans!
Christmas color mame-shibori just arrived, how about sending a forrest green and a berry red tenugui as a set like a photo? or you can make a heart with two tenugui also!

Do you know about “Mottainai”?
“Mottainai” means “Don’t Waste” in Japanese, it’s the way to describe conserving the environment.
3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) + Respect = Mottainai, as stated by Wangari Maathai ph.D, Furoshiki and Tenugui can support your own way of Mottainai Campaign, saving the environment for our children’s future.

These are gift wrapping ideas with Tenugui and Furoshiki (Please check HOW TO USE at out site). You can save wrapping paper, tapes, wrapping tissues… and many more “one time use” wrapping items, and also your friends and families can use it after they’ve opened their gifts! Not only that, you can save much more money too!

Let’s start our own way of Mottainai Campaign for our world!

Happy Holidays, Tenugui Fans!!!!!


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.08 – Save our Globe – Style with Tenugui!

Friday, November 2nd, 2007


The global warming is the one of concerning matters for all of us recently. We are in November already, but some people are still wearing short sleeves and flip flops and some people are wearing puff jacket (dawn Jacket) and long boots here in New York! I am so confusing what I wear everyday before jump in to the big apple. And even I feel so strange to see the Christmas display in the city.

Do you know that Tenugui will be one of the solutions to save our environment?

Here are some ideas for you. Wipe your hands or dishes with your Tenugui, so you don’t need to use paper Towel. Uses Tenugui to wrap gifts in this coming gift seasons, so we could save so much waste paper and ribbons. And then, you can use the same Tenugui again after wrapping gifts, as fashion, as decoration for your home, or even you can use Tenugui like a Yoga strap for simple exercise for the holiday tummy! And more!!! You may save a lot of your money from disposable gift wrappings, and paper napkins because you may use Tenugui over and over and over… as long as you want!

Here is some idea for the gift wrapping. Please see “how to do” on the photo and we have many of more ideas on our site at http://www.wuhaonyc.com/gift_wrapping.php


Let’s use Tenugui and save our glove with your Style with Tenugui!

- To be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on November 01, 2007/11/01

And …


Don’t miss this special opportunities! Our Free Shipping campaign is still available till this coming gift season who orders totaling more than $100. (Only ship to inside of United State of America, not for international shipping)

So, hurry up and get your Tenugui on our on-line shopping!