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Tenugui mumbling Vol.71 – The smiling faces in the sky!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show 2010 was held on Hudson river, NYC this year. I have never seen an entire show in New York… until this one!? We had the perfect fireworks weather and great companies together, YES!

I had a great time~~~~ Uh~~~ and Ah~~~!!!
Sending you my smiling face and “The smiling faces in the sky” from New York!


- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling Vol.37 – Happy 4th of July from New York

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Hope everybody enjoyed your 4th of July where ever you are. I went to see Macy’s 4th of July fireworks with my dear friends, and this year had on Hudson River. Sending you a short movie of Fireworks that I took last night, you may see a bit of HANABI (firesworks in Japanese) between buildings.

My dear friends Paul, Iza and Jon!

My dear friends Paul, Iza and Jon!

My dear friends Paul, Iza and Jon are very special friends of mine. I met them when I just moved to New York in 2006. So nice to spend this special day with my special friends…
Thank you very much to all for the wonderful night. I am so glad to be here and I remember the night with you as long time….

- to be continued…

From: Ruri

Tenugui mumbling vol.02 – Happy Fourth of July and Indigo Island Japan

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Fireworks from E 34th Street Manhattan

Empire State Bulding – Fourth of July Illumination

How was your Fourth of July? I had a wonderful time at my friend’s place in Upper West New York. We had BBQ in her backyard with cool summer rain, eating, drinking, chatting, laughing a lot… watching the fireworks on East River and simply enjoying the summer breeze. “Hana-bi” means “Fireworks” in Japanese. “Hana” means “Flower”, “Bi” means “Fire”. Sparkling flowers opened between the skyscrapers and the night sky, even Empire State Building was lighten up blue, red, and white for this special day. Thank you for the lovely time, Jon, Julie, Jack, Lieven and cutie cat… and the beautiful fireworks. This is my second summer in New York, and I am glad to be here.

Blue Ocean – Kojima Okayama, Japan

I am really excited that a Tenugui workshop, “Ranpu-ya”, will be featured on NHK World TV “Japan BIZ Cast” July 9th (Monday) from 22:15 to 22:45 pm (JST time). “Ranpu-ya” is located in Kojima Okayama which is very famous throughout the world for its natural indigo (ai-zome), and also for blue jeans! Surrounded big blue ocean and green mountains, Kojima has their own time called “slow life” which lets Ranpu-ya create amazing indigo many different ways in their own workshop. Their web-site is http://www.japanblue.co.jp/ if you would like to see more. We are very proud that our wuhao original natural indigo Tenugui came from Ranpu-ya, which also provides the textile, and “Momotaro Jeans”, a world famous blue jeans company.
Wuhao natural indigo is totally amazing! Using real natural indigo dye, the tread are then woven for our own wuhao Tenugui ? all hand-made based on a traditional Japanese technique. As you co As you continue to wash your tenugui, you will see the color and touch change into your own vintage Tenugui. Indigo BlueOcean Blue… from Indigo Island Japan! Enjoy your summer with wuhao natural indigo Tenugui!
- to be continued…

From Ruri
Mumbling dated July 05, 2007