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Tenugui mumbling Vol.36 – SONNY ROLLINS The Father of Music

I love Sonny – Sonny Rollins, a Jazz legend Saxophone player, was born in 1930 in New York City. He will be 79 years old this coming September. I went to his concert at Central Park Summer Stage last year with my dear friend. This is a short clip that I took 20-feet away from the stage! Always his horn and music are so special to me, because he makes my heart smile under any circumstance. Through many many many years of his music, still his sounds are always so new and so fascinating. I read an article about Sonny the other day, and I love what he said;
“Life is not just one easy ride – there were a lot of horror times. Being a musician is not the easiest life in the world but I always knew I wanted to be one. I still practice every day and I always knew I am still serching to make a better musical statement. I feel I haven’t really gotten my best work out yet and I’m just so happy to be involved the thing I’ve loved all my life.”
The challenges of the journey of one’s life, doing what they love most all the way to the end. Life is passions, the challenges and the journey of following the passions in my life, the things I love most… Tenugui.
Sonny?is my Father of MUSIC, and “Sonny Please!” let us hear more this year also!

By the way… I have another story to tell you about the night. My friend and I were so happy and almost drunk with Sonny’s sounds after his concert. We walked in the park together… nice romantic summer walk… and guess what? We both fell into a pond in front of the boat house accidentally. Oh, I was so glad that I had a Tenugui to wipe off algae all over our faces. It was the most unforgettable night and my favorite night last summer!

Sending you?a short story for Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day!

- to be continued…

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