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Tenugui mumbling Vol.34 – We are on the HGTV CANADA!

Amazing… Amazing… Amazing…. well, this is not the song for NBA Basketball. By the way, LeBron James was totally amazing last night! Very last second (not a minute), he made a shot and won the games. I am a big fan of his and Cleveland Cavaliers. Oh, I can’t wait to see their next game tomorrow!

Oh, sorry….. what I would like to tell you tonight what is amazing?
Yes, We are on the HGTV Canada website now! And of course, I am a big fan of HGTV, too!

I’m sure, any company does online business, always keeps tracking their visitors to their sites. How many people visit the site… from where… how long they have stayed… how was conversion rate… etc etc. Smiling, crying and mumbling… And of course I do same things every single night. We had BIG numbers of access to our website today, and what I found out? Many visitors came from the HGTV Canada! The article about Tenugui and us are on their blog now. Amazing… Amazing… Amazing…
Here is the link to the blog about Tenugui and us, please check it out!

HGTV CANADA Japanese Hand Towels turn to ART

And…. Thank you very much HGTV Canada writing about Tenugui and us!

- to be continued…

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