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Tenugui mumbling vol.25 – Music has no boundary at the Knitting factory

Japanese Acoustic Punk Band "UZUHI"

Japanese Acoustic Punk Band UZUHI

I went to?”IN THE SUN Vol.4″ live?concert in the Knitting Factory other day. One of our wuhao friend Shusuke is a member of UZUHI and he played his drum there. UZUHI is a Japanese Acoustic Punk Band (Vocal: Gosha, Guitar: Katsuragi, Keyboard: Tsubasa, Drum: Inashu) that has been playing around New York City.

They performed their original Japanese Punk songs, and jumping, shouting, swinging, and dancing… All bands members and an audience got together shared great sounds and energie there – “Music has no boundary” YES, Surely I got that feeling from them.

I hope that our Tenugui will be “Tenugui has no boundary!” like “UZUHI” ‘s great spirit.
Thank you very much Inashu-san and UZUHI to share this great moment with us. Here is a short crip that I took at the Knitting Factory. Please Enjoy great positive energie from UZUHI!

- to be continue…

From: Ruri

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