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Tenugui mumbling Vol.46 – Damon & Naomi Lost Gaijin Tour

Naomi-san is a musician/artist, and also Tenugui fan! She made her own design Tenugui with us last month.??Damon-san and Naomi-san will start their Japan tour “Damon & Naomi Lost Gaijin Tour” from November 7th with their tenugui!
I love their music very much. Naomi-san’s pure voice, Damon-san’s warm poetic melody… I feel a very nostalgic bitter-sweet feeling in my heart when I listen to their songs. Please visit their site for the tour schedule, maybe they will?come to your town??????
Here is the link for Damon & Naomi web-site, and you may peek?at their original Tenugui!

Damon & Naomi Tour Date (web-site)

Damon & Naomi Tenugui

Bon Voyage, Damon-san & Naomi-san!!!!

- to be continued…

From Ruri

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