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Tenugui mumbling vol.16 – “Tenugui and Klut” collaboration from Sweden – Japanese Design “Spring Cat”

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Swedish traditional head garment Klut

Swedish traditional head garment Klut

A picture showing three traditional head garments from the shoutheast of Scania – Osterlen


A picture showing a married woman wearing the “klut” from Ingelstad and in full dress.

We got a letter from Sweden! The Osterlens Museum had an exhibition called “Tenugui and Klut”, about meeting between the Japanese Tenugui and the traditional head garment “Klut” from the south of Sweden.

I am personally very amazed to know about traditional connections between Japan and Sweden. We made three episodes from their letter and intoroduce you?”East meet West” Osterlens Museum’s artworks from our web-site; The First episode “About Klut” ? The Second episode “Tenugui meet Klut” ? and The Third episode “Traditional Paralels Tenugui and Klut”. Thank you very much Osterlens Museum for sharing your wonderful compositions with us. Please enjoy “East meet West ? Tenugui and Klut” from Sweden!?

First Episode ? About Klut -

Until around 1850 married women in the southeast of Scania (Skane) always wore a “klut”, a kind of head garment. In the traditional agricultural society a woman’s hair was considered as a sexual symbol and should be covered. On and everyday basis a kind of head scarf was used but at special occasions, on holidays and such, the “klut” was decorated with a great amount of lace and embroideries. These garments were always made of white linen. The different areas had different style on the head garment. The biggest and most ornamented was the one that came from the Ingelstad district. Here the matron of the house had maybe as many as fifteen different kinds of “Klut”, the oldest one she wore when she cleaned out the chimney ? that head garment didn’t stay white… Women commonly covered their head with a headscarf all the way into the 1960’s, and still do keeping the hat or scarf in church with influence of traditional extension.

New composition is here from The Gordon School. Please enjoy her adorable Tenugui art!

The Gordon School – composition #08 ? Spring Cat -

“Spring Cat”


A precious pink flower with a sleeping cat is the perfect combination for springtime. The small red circle tops the design off! This Tenugui is dedicated to my mom for her love of Spring ? and my cat for giving me inspiration.


Students artist wearing “Spring Cat”

- to be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on April 03, 2008