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Tenugui mumbling vol.07 – Evolve into New Style

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


Katsura Kaishi (Rakugo-ka) The world’s top performer of English Rakugo.


New York Hanjotei came to the Big Apple!

Rakugo “Punch-line” comedy is a form of traditional Japanese comedy story-telling. Raku (落) means Falling, Go(語) means word. “Falling” is strange expression for Laugh, don’t you think? In Japanese O-chi (落) means the punch-line, and is written the same Kanji as Raku-go’s Raku (落). Have I confused you?????
So, Rakugo (落語) means the punch-line and a word. Does make sense to you now? well….. No?

Katsura Kaishi – the world’s top performer of English Rakugo and his troop Hanjotei came to the Big apple! Wuhao newyork were so pleased be a sponsor of NY Hanjotei and to share this great art of Laugh. Since the 17th century, generations of Japanese have enjoyed comedic storytelling at the theaters and on the TV. The solo performer (called Rakugo-ka) brings scores of characters vividly to life in tales punctuated by various tones of voice, gestures, expressions and a characteristic punch line – all without standing. Dressed in full Kimono, he sits on a silk pillow and uses only two props – a fan and a Tenugui! These classical Rakugo tales have been loved for over 300-years in Japan. And now, Kaishi creates his own style that he calls “English Rakugo”, and has been bringing this art of Laugh to more than 12-countries and 31-cities all over the world. “English Rakugo” – Evolve into New Style. We hope that our Tenugui is also keeping the Japanese tradition and cultural value alive, while also creating new styles, designs, uses and the infinity of possibilities – SO – “Evolve into New Style” and share these beautiful arts of Tenugui forever.


Kaishi-san and me! Thank you very much for the beautiful Smile and great performance!

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So you see, we also have evolved for this festive season! Find a unique Tenugui for someone special and enjoy the beautiful Autumn wherever you are!

- to be continued…

From Ruri

Mumbling date on September 18, 2007